Today 26 Months to go

November 20, 2014

American political campaigning goes non-stop though voters only get to do their bit every two years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The inauguration of the President takes place on the 20th of January in all the leap years.

Nobody will argue the point that the current administration has had an effect nobody would have considered possible at the start of the previous half century that I use as my instrument of measuring history, taking every half a century starting at the beginning of the years that end with 10 or 60.

If you look at recent events that have still to become history the election of the Bama was in fact a natural confluence of things that happened from the year of 1960 onwards.

It was always going to happen from the day Jack Kennedy won the 1960 race.

Kennedy was born in May 1917; Mandela was of July 1918. Complete the picture in short President Reagan February 1911. Idi Amin was guessed to hail from 1925. Jomo Kenyatta arrived in 1889 and was therefore, 70 years old when he started the racial cleansing in Kenya and running full speed with it while Americans were voting for Kennedy just three years before Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. In the meantime a fellow named Barrack Obama was born wherever on August 3rd of Kennedy’s first year in the White House.

That’s all for now Folks; there will be a lot more on days, weeks, months, years and events that shaped the half century that we are in right now; you know the one that started in 2010.

It wasn’t ever a good idea to get one of our guys into the White House. Gird the loins, grind the teeth and bear it; after all he got the votes fair and square. It had been in the cards since 1960 anyway; you just didn’t see it coming, that’s all.

In just less than 24 months from today you will know who the Bama’s successor will be to take the White House keys and let the current incumbent go free to further screw your country up elsewhere.

Please this time, for our sake, your sakes and for the sake of the World elect an American to the job.

Velocity Trade High Priority Alert to be on the lookout for Ponzi Trading in Unregulated Derivatives

November 20, 2014

See previous link:

Now read this. The South African public has just had enough; they are now taking action on rogue suppliers and illegitimate banking practices.

Velocity Trade is based in Toronto Canada and I am now emailing them. A good friend of mine emailed the local Velocity office with all the previously unanswered questions and was promised a reply from local Director, fellow named Dan Carter. Instead a lady he has never heard of was obviously called in and instructed to pen some nonsense in an email to see whether they could force the enquiry to die. Dan Carter is remaining MUM. Google on his name under Velocity and have a laugh.

For how long must Mister Citizen endure the malpractices of the large International Rogue Conglomerates? Velocity Trade knows full well they are dealing in unregulated securities [what a use for the word?] in order to escape scrutiny by the South African Financial Services Board and the Revenue Authorities.

Don’t part with your money to them; they are experts in making it disappear.

Our JSE is fast becoming the international hub for money laundering.

For a fraction of the cost of this Comet Research Science waste of money and time

November 17, 2014

It really makes me sick to read another Article about this Comet probe 500 million kms from the earth where we all know is nothing but empty space and a few rocks floating around.

In the small town near where I live we have a Hostel and a School for very special children. They are healthy and sleep warm in a nice Hostel and some are very bright; The facilities can handle 65 young minds and bodies from grade 1 to grade 5 plus a few little ones who enter there when they are 4 and 5 years old. We never discuss why they are there, for their protection and not to remind them; they need a lot of love and can give love in equal measures as they receive.

For a fraction of the Comet cost [waste?] we can build a high school; so many disappear to wherever whatever life allocates to them when they have to leave here after grade 5.

In town we have a lot of old people with vast experience and lots of love they can give but very little money. They are all willing to help the school for a few shillings extra to their old age grants. Everyone will make time available on a voluntary basis.

We have enough vacant land at reasonable prices to build the school and some cottages for the children in a garden like development where we can teach them to get to know the earth and plants and to work it in their off times. The old folks will assist.

The cottages can be built using wind and sunlight power [we have both aplenty] and lots of fruit trees and veggie patches for the young minds.

We need a fraction of the billions that is wasted on bogus Comet Research.

Come on World. Do something for these kids and our senior citizens. I don’t want anything; put the money in a trust and have it audited as you want; the building phase won’t cost a lot and after that we only need the running costs.

Our elderly ones will shower the young ones with love while they are teaching them so they can stay with us until at least through matriculation, thus giving them a chance to face the World when they are better equipped than being forced to leave us after grade 5.

Leave the comets alone. They will stay where they are and don’t need the human race fiddling around the space they find themselves in.

Get in touch with me about the young ones.

Solving our problems on a Comet

November 16, 2014

The past few weeks have solved most of the problems on planet Earth.

Mankind will survive and prosper on a comet. Made of the best cheese mixtures [much better than the moon], abundant clear fresh water for a thousand large cities, watermelons ten times the size of the best on earth. Press a button and fly on to Mars and back for free.


Internet is installed and free for anyone. Press a button and the tooth fairy will serve the watermelon, with a choice of ten ice-creams.

Who says I am joking? It’s been on the News for two weeks and you have not made your reservation? You have a chance to get away from the drag that life has become on an overpopulated earth and you are going to pass on it?

I understand that they are virtually ready to install the pipelines to supply rivers full of clean water [free] and clean renewable energy to every home and industry on earth for the poor amongst us who don’t like flying in space.

The answer is in Heaven; what are we waiting for? To live in a pollution free environment with no earth warming or climate change, I am off guys. The maiden trip is mine.

Tata. Happy New year to y’all down there at the bottom.

Velocity Trade Worldwide exposes the Vegetarian Shark Myth

November 10, 2014

A fellow name of Tony Leon while he was Opposition Leader in South African Politics once said that looking for an honest ANC Politician is like looking for or training the great white man-eater shark to adopt vegetarian eating habits.

In finance around the World the worst elements you can think of have now been exposed in share and derivative Traders working through a World Wide Group under the name of Velocity Trade. They have their offices around the Globe but also canvass to work through Partnerships with other “independent or smaller Traders” who can use their investment programs to “trade direct on line live’ in major Stock Exchanges. The mother Company is given out to be operating from Toronto Canada.

Their main gimmick is in trading CFD derivatives. If you receive an email with a large colorful brochure inviting you to a “Webinar” [a lovely NewSpeak word of their Hi-Tech abilities] to show you how to grow your 50 thousand bucks into 500 thousand smackers in one year, be on the lockout; you are about to lose your 50 thousand in a matter of two or three months.

It’s a great Scam; that I have to admit. Nedbank, one of South Africa’s largest and highly respected Financial Services Operators is supposed to be backing their systems [so they say]; there is or was once a link with another International Group called Vanguard Securities. It seems that the latter is legit; the Vegetarian Sharks only used the Vanguard name to ride on. The legit Vanguard took legal action and won; the imposters were forced to cease using the Vanguard name and now work under the name of O’Meraki Global Equity and Derivative Traders through the Investment Platform of Velocity Trade on the JSE.

The Vegetarian Shark Group seems to have side-stepped the South African Government Financial Regulators with the use of the CFD product because CFD “derivatives” are not within the regulated fields of investments. The South African Regulators [aka the FSB for Financial Services Board] have no power to act in the case “unregulated crime.”

Don’t part with any money to these Sharks; the moment you do what you are left with are mere entries on a computer chip.

It’s quite a clever scheme; beware and watch for more detail as the investigations continue. If you have fallen for it, get out as much as you can and run.

To be continued; feel free in the meantime to copy and redistribute this; you may be doing your brother or your neighbor a service.

New Hope for America of the 49 States

November 5, 2014

When I switched my computer on this morning my eye fell on this little flash of parody by a fellow that calls himself The Maverick.

“The only politician ever to have entered parliament with honourable intentions, was Guy Fawkes on November 5th in the year of 1606.”

It is therefore, not my brilliance but it described my frame of mind until I came across this just before lunch:

That lifted my spirits.

We find ourselves in a land where politics and everything driven by politics [which means what the word says, EVERYTHING] is driven by revenge.

It is of course the legacy of Mandela; he died in 2013 December 5th and we are hoping that he will now be put in the past to enable us to get on with each other.

Don’t make the same mistake you guys. Get on with your lives now; rebuild what was broken but look into the future with love and understanding.

Oh yeah, the pun in the headline is mine. Enjoy this one for old time sake:

Don’t look back now. Build for the future; we need a strong healthy America.

A Bleak Future

November 3, 2014

I read these Articles in the early hours of this morning and decided to comment.

Arthur, [that’s the name of one author] I have to say this tongue in cheek because if people find out I am actually serious they will laugh in my face.

I look at World events in periods of 50 years and have found the best time lines to be the 50 years starting on 10 and 60; therefore the previous 50 was from 1960 to the last day of 2009; The current one started the first day of 2010.

By the start of the one on Wednesday 1st January 2110 the World will be a desolate place, hopefully starting to recover but I doubt it, from the excesses of the past 50 years, the one that we are in now [with decay setting in rapidly] and the one coming along in 2060 that will destroy the last vestiges of what is currently considered to be so great and wonderful.

We will start 2110 with barter trade in a world that will have maybe two million people; there will be no Internet. Those given the task will have to start from scratch and food will be first on the agenda for many decades.

What is the main cause of my silly view, you may ask. Very simply, our addiction to the wonders of the computer will be our downfall. Hi tech has developed to the extreme where we don’t need brains any longer; we have stopped using what we have left of the grey matter and of course, long lost our ability to think.

We are now being run by a generation of ignoramuses.

Change you can believe in

October 16, 2014

Ouch, Stupid White Males; that Michael Moore feller had it right all the time.

It has just been announced that the entire African continent will be Free, well fed, slick and happy comes April 27th next year.

We will celebrate our coming of age on that date and be happy for ever more. Saint Mandela is donating it to the continent and we won’t need you guys any longer. Change is coming to Africa.


Now that is a really stupid question, you know. At midnight sharp when the clock introduces the new day we will get everything by flicking our fingers and say what we want.

Say you want a meal for six with vonkelwyn [that is champagne], flick your little finger and the INTERNET WILL LAY THE TABLES, THEY WILL EVEN POUR THE BUBBLY. All you have to do is drink it and eat until there is no more space in the tummy.

If you want to go to Addis Ababa, just flick your finger and the Internet will take you there instantaneously. The roads will become parks and playgrounds for the kiddies; who needs a car to drive?

You guys can keep to your old ways but we won’t need you. Every man, woman and all the kiddies by the dozen will be given free Wi-Fi, broadband at the flick of a finger. The old way of working for a living, planting and delivering truckloads of rotten stinking veggies will be over. The magic Internet will provide.

Cheers World. We have done it.

Post Office Down

October 16, 2014

Do you still get mail deliveries out your way in the Old World we live in?

GMail Down

October 16, 2014

Google Wednesday, 15 October 2014 7:35:07 AM



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