Of Mice and Billary’s Living History

May 31, 2014

You gotta see this:


For an insight into the life and values of the great American Blogger, read his comment in my Post:


For more on Rednecking, just Google for it.

For more of Mice and Nonsense on History read Billary’s book titled Living History; keep a vomit bag at your side.

Of May 31st and other dates

May 31, 2014

So much history has been re-written that the young of today often don’t know who their fathers were; often in fact, even the mother can’t tell who the father of her newborn baby is.

This day 104 years ago [on a Tuesday that year] was Union Day in South Africa. Four years later Sunday May 31st is quoted by some historians as the day the first events occurred that lead to Great Britain declaring war on Germany August 4th of the same year.

The young South Africa went through a bloody rebellion between those who still abhorred England and hated her for the Boer War of 1999 to 1902 and thus sympathized with Germany but common sense prevailed and we gallantly fought alongside England to beat the beast.

For 50 years we built on the development of a strong nation and celebrated Union Day.

Is it not a coincidence that Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th of 1918 [thus before the end of that War] and thirty years later started his terrorist life to destroy what we had built, first landing in prison in 1957 and soon after that England’s McMillan and America’s Kennedy, to be completed by Carter decided that South Africa would have to go?

But we managed to hang in there celebrating our Union Day until 1993; some still remember who their fathers were though those who don’t followed the hoax Mandela became.

He got his statue on Trafalgar; we know our fathers and will always remember May 31st of 1910. We know that we handed the present incumbents in power a strong clean nation rich in mineral wealth with a highly developed modern economy no matter how much or how long they will try to re-write history; it’s our history and we shall honor it regardless; we shall never forget.

40 Today

May 30, 2014

Somebody is 40 today; she is of course not the only one past that milestone but she is our daughter.

One finally enters adulthood at this milestone and leaves the burdens and anxiety [and the “how clever I am?"] of adolescence behind forever. I am referring to adolescence between 30 and 39, that awful period of being neither fish nor flesh, too mature to mess around with twenty year olds who know everything but not yet adult to understand what 40 and beyond will want from you.

Age 40 to 55 is the most beautiful years of human life. Physically male and female are at their peak; to reach their spiritual peak they must now mix with the early fifties soon to be 55 and finally prepare for the beauty of the sixty years old.

We are Dutch South Africans; 100 years ago our forbearers were proper Dutch but when good Old England incorporated us in the ways of the British Commonwealth in 1910 most in our family made the choice. This beautiful highly qualified professional daughter [a gift from heaven] could speak, read and write English and Afrikaans before she entered school at the age of 6 after 4 years in a bilingual nursery school.

We are proud of our Dutch Heritage and Colonial England for making this country a land to be proud of and she went one step further when she got her medical degree to move to England where she has since added three specialist degrees from Edinburgh Scotland and London University.

Her finest hour arrived when she was asked to represent England as an Official delegate to a large Medical Congress held in San Francisco USA a few months ago.

Go well my dear; you are an adult at last. We are proud of you.

I shall write more about you and our Country in the time ahead. God Speed to you; show them the stuff that made us what we are.

Don’t let anyone mess with your Dutch or British ancestry. We have every reason to be proud of what we brought to this land and what we contributed to make it the powerhouse of the entire Continent.

Go with God.

Born Free 1994, April 27th

April 27, 2014

South Africans are today celebrating 20 years of Independence since the arrival of Democracy and Freedom from oppression under our Colonial Past.

Based on the number of children enrolling for final matriculation exams per annum and allowing for a reasonable percentage of them not completing their matriculation the country probably produced about 1500 new babies on that fateful day 20 years ago today.

What I would love to see are the statistics on the people born during the 24 hours comprising that day, what happened to them, where they are today etc etc. We have managed to produce the most awful statistics on babies born out of wedlock in recent years [the young mothers at fourteen or sixteen still at school], gang rape, murder but nothing else to show what Freedom has delivered.

I would like to see similar statistics in another twenty years on the little ones born today.

What I fear is the inconvenient truth that to most South Africans Apartheid [a Dutch word meaning separate development of races and later called Apart Hate by the Mandela regime], well that Apartheid is today deeper entrenched in our Society than ever before; the Apartheid Government has gone but in its place we now have a fast growing Class Apartheid between the Haves and the Have Nots.

We have so many examples. I wanted to do a Post and title it ‘Of Bees and Honey’ when I realized that it would be more fitting to call it ‘Of BEES and Money’ but gave up on it for the time being because I must now conserve my remaining eye.

The story will follow as it unfolds; have a good laugh while you wait.

The first link comes from a past Mandela fan turned rogue:


This one named her the Queen BEE:


She almost got the opposition nomination to oppose Jakes Zuma for the Presidential election just around the corner; lucky for the country that enough people who can recognize an opportunist when they see one dropped their blinkers in the nick of time.

Do pass the link to this Post on to Jimmy Carter; he worked so hard to push what he wanted for us down our throats that he should be a happy guy today.

Wish us well, please.

Tomorrow and Freedom 20 years ago in 1994

April 26, 2014

Twenty years ago today April 26th the last person was born in bondage under the ruthless oppression of an evil Government in South Africa; it is estimated that the last day in bondage produced approximately 1370 new babies.

There is no reason that the number of births the next day 1994, April 27th would have been different. Only that they were born Free at Last to quote MLK Jnr.

I shall publish a Post on the free 1370 by tomorrow but the headline in the link to follow describes Freedom 20 years later so well.

You may well ask “Be this Freedom?”


Read the Article and the comments before you forward it to Obama, Hillary, and William Jefferson et al. Don’t forget to forward it to the World Bank, Human Aid and Starvation Prevention United Nations Agencies all over the World.

Free at last, yes Sir. There is only one wee point of concern. The poor of 1994 are now dirt poor and hungry while the previously oppressed 1% of 1% of the total population, i.e. therefore .0001% of the total population [about 5000 ministers, ministerial assistants and six to ten Comrades each to guard their flanks and rear] are living in the lap of obscene luxury.

See here:


And here:


Be this Freedom?

Well I am Free. Mandela set me free twenty years ago.


In Dutch we say

April 17, 2014

Well, we would say “Dis nou fokken snaaks.”

Read the Article and the first two comments in this link:


It can only happen in South Africa. The whole darn JSE Stock Exchange goes down when a few copper cable thieves need some wire for the black market..

Hoi for Toi is the expression we use when we are surprised by an everyday event for which they will hang you in China. Here we laugh it off.

Mandela and I, Part 2 by Chieftain Mangosuthu Buthelezi

January 26, 2014

You have read Part 1:


 Now I proudly present to you the version of a truly Great South African; in the eyes of many [certainly mine] the Man that should have been the first Black President of South Africa.

 In his own words, verbatim unedited the way he said it:


 Read more about this man:


 I was born in rural South Africa about 100 miles north of Cape Town in 1940 in a home that was apolitical.  My political awareness developed during my twenties and at the age of 31 I walked out into the political wilderness away from my people and The Church [that is a long story] to devote the rest of my adult life working and hoping to have a majority Government in our country.  In 1972 most white people sneered at me and asked me “Now who in hell do you think will run that country?”  It was not a popular thing for a white man to say such things at that time but I always replied to the question:

 “Buthelezi is my choice.”

 My compatriots thought I was a nut case.

 The jury is still out on Mandela and it will be a very long time to get a verdict.  I guess that we may have the latter by the year 2074; not sooner.  There will be updates on the story as we go along.

Open Letter to Floris of Nebo Nogo Voda Non-Com at Vodashop Weskus Mall

January 23, 2014

Good Morning Floris

 Man, I have walked the Long Walk; yes Sir, it has been long and arduous and I learned every day but I need your help on this one.





And I have called 082155 that Voda tells me to call; really Floris, I have called them maybe two dozen times.  I am now going to compile a list of the names of all the people I have spoken to on 082155 and will email it to you for your benefit.

They have all made promises; they all now know about tiny little Redelinghuys out here in the Sandhills.

How is it possible that the official Voda Spokesperson doesn’t know about anything from Redelinghuys?  He says so himself [maybe herself, hey?] right there in the latest Fin24 Article.

Shucks Floris, the people at Patat are laughing their heads off about Voda Non-Com and the folks working at Vodashop, Weskus Mall Branch in Vredenburg Western Cape.

Patat tested both my computers and can’t stop laughing; pretty soon everybody here will have Patat Data Transmission.

I shall tell you what you must suggest to your Managing Director, you know the big Makulu Nkosi in his Ivory Tower Office.

Tell him to come out here with two Laptop Computers with compatible modems.  Make sure one computer is the latest hi-tech that is available and the other one, say, a Windows 2007 to 2007 model.  For the latter the VCM Lite 3.2.1 is the modem to have.  Folks at Patat tell me that there must be millions of these “older modems” around still.  I scratched around and found my original brochures; it’s not even four years ago and carries a ten year warranty.  You should be able to pick a box full of the stuff up in the corner store near you.  Heck, Floris they make these things [a Vodafone product manufactured by Huawei for maybe two bucks in China].  The one that young Herman destroyed needs to be replaced anyway.

Then let him come out here pronto.  Whisper in his ear [yes, you come out with him] to test both computers for Data Transmission from your Church Tower transmitter and from the Patat Network.

Have a good day, Floris.

PS: You have some snoek out near your place?  It’s sometimes real difficult getting it out here.

A new Word called pinc

January 14, 2014

Actually you can spell it any way you want to:

 P[in]C, pinc, Pinc, PInc [like in Pea Incorporated], You choose.

 Try to figure it out.  First correct answer can have my Vodacom Contract with a brand new modem.  The latter works at the speed of light in the city but like a lame snail where I live and Vodacom is too proud to admit that the Brain Dead Syndrome has affected their ranks.

 Come on now; it is quite easy.  Ok then, I shall give you a clue.  What do you see if you spell it PInc?

 Nebo No-Go Voda Non-Com.  Don’t worry about this par; it’s a common joke in South Africa.  It is not even remotely related to the topic.

Answer is [……………….].  The number of dots is another clue.  Now Go Go Voda; just go away, will yeah?  PInc.


Hi-Tech Vodacom SA goes into nosedive following a severe outbreak of BDS

January 14, 2014

BDS [Brain Dead Syndrome] must not be confused with the medical and legal term that Governments and politicians grapple with in having to decide when a seriously ill person on life support systems actually ceases to live.  The clergy of many religions are grappling with the same problem; does life end when the heart stops or when the brain finally dies.  It is an ongoing discussion and of course, a sensitive issue.

 Dead Brain Syndrome [DBS for short as is common practice today] refers to the collapse of normal human brain functions in an otherwise healthy body.  Add a massive ego to occupy the cavity where the human brain normally functions and put the incompetent soul in a high-tech position that should really be a human brain function job; juggle the mix with demands from management for more sales, come on guys, move those modems, hurry now, come on move those contracts, get the reluctant customer to sign that contract now, yes take his money and get him out of the sales office; move ‘hem faster, on the double, well, there you have Vodacom SA.

 Aided by an ailing Telkom SA that holds the monopoly in fixed landline operations but now also trying to worm its way into the lucrative wireless market and falling over its own feet in the process Vodacom thrived at starters.  Spurred on by a gullible public, sub-standard transmitters were installed in church towers thus saving on the huge expenditure required for proper transmission towers.

 When the overload cracked, Management reaction was to tell the customer “Sir, you modem is outdated, take this new one, just sign here for the contract” or “Madam, you need a new computer, sure madam, you need a new computer at least every three years and a new modem with it, sure Madam, yes for your children Mam, just sign here.”

 In the meantime the old infrastructure remained in the Church Tower in Redelinghuys and when Data Modems were added it just conked.

 But at Vodacom the staff setup had changed.  Young people who have never had to write a business letter and still probably can’t do it, who is trained only in how to get signatures on contracts, take the customers’ money and go on to the next idiot just dying to have his own too, well they have never been to Redelinghuys and don’t even know about the transmitter in the Church Tower.

 It crashed as it would have done sooner or later.

 My friend who likes life and all the satire it brings with it wrote an email when his system collapsed.  He was wise before he wrote the email; the locals all got together with their computers, modems and some good old fashioned common sense and pretty quickly realized that we need our own tower on the hilltop just outside town.  When the tower started to operate we carried equipment around and tested our stuff.

 Then my friend satirized Vodacom; well, he actually called them Brain Dead and circulated it on the Internet.

 This is the email response just received from Vodacom:

 “Dear Sir,

We have noted the contents of your e-mail below and have taken advice. We will therefore not be responding to your e-mail.

Yours Faithfully


 To which he has now replied:

 Good morning Floris

 I must say that to say that you won’t respond and then in the same email do respond and making sure that I see the name of your attorney in the CC list I merely refer you to the contractual obligations in your own contract.

 You are in breach of them, good Sir.  Comply with them; that is surely not too much for a customer to ask, or is your own ego now so big that it fills the entire cavity between your ears leaving no space for the human brain given to you at birth?

 My advice to you is to do your job, that’s all I am asking you to do.”

 The saga will probably need and update.  Watch this space.  If you don’t see anything I should add that a helpful soul that my friend did find and who fixed his OE Email after the Brain Dead at Vodashop, Weskus Mall, VREDENBURG, Western Cape had demolished it whilst installing a new modem that works at slow snail speed from the transmitter in the Church Tower, gently informed my friend that he is fixing it on his old Password and quoted it for him to verify it.  That surprised my friend and he asked the helpful soul how he knew the Password.  “I have it right here on the list in front of me, Sir” was the answer.

 And they and all the Banks tell us that nobody knows your Password?


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