The habitual liar needs to have a good memory

The Time Rag should send Joe Klein to Holland to study the philosophy of Uylen Spiegel the famous bard of yesteryear from whom I borrowed my headline.

Time and particularly by word of Joe Klein always lead the anti-Bush movement with: America is not the world Cop; America must not dictate; America must learn to negotiate; America must not do this or that; America is hurting because Bush got America into this mess; America must withdraw from this and that and join the World not police it. They never stopped.

And now? The same Joe Klein tells America ‘’How Israel’s Anger Issues Hurt Us All’’ and blasts it around the Globe in the most recent Time Edition. See:

Mr. Klein is not happy at all, indeed he is very unhappy, about how Israel conducted their Election and he feels duty bound to inform them that he doesn’t like it. He laments the fact that ‘’there was no Barack Obama in the race’’ and takes another swipe at President Bush.

In irony one can only say that Joe Klein must be in trouble; he must be seriously ill after so many Elections that his favorite candidates always lost.

For Heaven’s Joe and for your own sake too my Man, practice what you always preached and leave Israel alone; Obama is not an Israeli; he was in the American Election. Go to Holland and read Uylen Spiegel.

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