What does Evolution have in common with BP? …. Quite a lot, actually! [Part One]

Courtesy of Uylen Spiegel at the Global Mirror


America is the land of Origin of many things besides Disney.  Indeed it is!


There is the Time Rag [Time Magazine] and lately, by change through natural selection, there is BP [it does not stand for British Petroleum and I will get to that shortly].


Let me first deal with the Rag.  As expected in this year of commemoration it published a lengthy article on Evolution called: The Ever Evolving Theories of Darwin by Carl Zimmer Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009.  See:




The headline is all you have to read in the article; the rest is BP!


Now turn to a book called “Almost like a Whale” by Steve Jones who was a Professor in Genetics at the famous University College of London when he published his findings.  It is hilariously funny and it turns Darwinist Evolution on its head, whilst exposing the above article by the Rag as just a lot of drivel and more BP.


Professor Jones designed the layout of “Whale” on the same basis as Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” with every chapter starting with a short summary of what is to follow in that chapter and what has already been attended to in previous ones.  The major [almost only] other difference is that Jones uses modern English terminology and added a new first chapter on Aids, DNA and the “sexual habits of the Fruit Fly” that is not covered by Darwin.


And he discusses the measurement of Time [not the Rag this time] in periods called Darwin.  So, for instance, when the ordinary mortal says something happened one year or fifty years ago [counting 365 days in every year plus the additional one every four years] one Darwin can be one hundred million years, or fifty trillion years, anything you want it to be but certainly never less than a million years per one Darwin per one fruit fly, and five million or more per one pig.


That’s where Jones knocked the Rag out of the Park years ago and it is clear that they [the folks at the Rag] make a mockery out of Darwin’s Evolution by saying in 2009 that Evolution has evolved a heck of a lot since Darwin wrote the Species 150 years ago.  Of course things have changed [nothing ever stays the same] but 150 years, or one thousand years, is not Darwin’s theory, not even remotely.


OK, that does it with the Rag.  Back to “Whale” then.  And I shall be short to give the reader enough time to read up elsewhere.


Jones mocks Darwin in the additional new Chapter on modern DNA research by agreeing that it has indeed found some sort of similar particles between the present day ocean whale [if the Jap’s don’t kill and eat them all], the fruit fly and modern mankind [the so-called Anatomically Modern Man, meaning those of us who walk up straight in stead of on all fours] and he concludes that it is natural for these similarities because one eats the other.  Shucks, if you eat only peaches every day for a year, leave alone six Darwin’s, you will end up with a heck of a lot of fruit fly juice in the stomach.


Jones further explains the similarities between the mechanisms of the small side fins on the whale and the wings of the fruit fly and the arms of AMM [Anatomically Modern Man] but does not explain what happened to the human inhabitants of Atlantis way back many Darwin’s ago when the whale was a bird and they descended in great flocks over Atlantis on the south west coast of Africa comes evening time, to rest and mate.  Perhaps that is why Atlantis fell into the ocean.


The Professor also poses the question: Why do pigs not fly?  If you answer that it is because pigs don’t have wings you will be quite wrong because the correct answer is that they don’t fly because their ancestors did not have wings, and that is so because the flying squadrons of whales had caught all the little pigs by a process of natural selection and ate the wings because flying whales loved pig wings and that is why pigs stopped growing wings and became land animals.


Now the Professor knocks Darwin and the Rag out with a real sneaky punch coming in real low below the belt.  Why, he asks, is it that AMM walks up straight when that is the most uncomfortable position for the human body?  Why, he asks, do they [that’s us AMM’s] sunbathe or do other things lying down flat on the back or the tummy, as would be the natural position for the human body to be in?  What on earth made us stand up straight but sprawl down on the beach?


Maybe at first the people in modern day Atlantis off the south west coast of Africa stayed flat down and later learned to stand up and run for their lives when the flying whales came over at evening time.  Jones does not say but French, Belgium and South African archeologists have discovered a mountain cave near the position that previous research indicated to be the position of the lost city of Old Atlantis.  The digs have yielded plenty of evidence backed by scientific testing procedures in lead chambers and what have you that also points to the Origin of Species AMM in the lost City of Atlantis and the nearby other lost City of Monomotapa, the City of Gold, more than seventy thousand years ago, maybe as far back as one hundred and fifty thousand years ago, and that is not even half one Darwin.


That’s a lot longer than six thousand years in America and sixteen thousand they have found evidence for in China.  And this concludes part One.  More will follow.


So:  Is Evolution a Science or is it an Illusion?  Correct answer is: Neither.  What is it then?  I would say it is a lot of BP.  And that means I must tell you about the latter.


PS.  America is of course also the origin of the old saying “BS baffles Brains” but I don’t like to use profanity in public hence I use BP for Bull Poop.  Same thing really; also accurately describes the Time Rag and Darwin’s Evolution!

7 Responses to “What does Evolution have in common with BP? …. Quite a lot, actually! [Part One]”

  1. automotive floor jacks Says:

    I must say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where have you got it from?

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks automotive floor jacks. I hope you appreciate that I wrote the post as satire but it is also my own view and I don’t expect everyone to agree; after all we must all learn to understand that there are many viewpoints on many things. I hope to write a post one of these days and calling it “My neighbor and I are very different …. That’s why we get on so well” based on personal experience with an old neighbor.

    My Template? First thanks for the Compliment; I really appreciate that but you will laugh at my “beginners luck” as it happened. I had started with the normal appearance given to the beginner by WordPress. It was a gigantic battle to read their FAQ script and I begged/cajoled for help all over. Eventually my son who is an accomplished Web surfer helped me to get my photo that you see next to my comments into place and also in the heading, but I didn’t like it and started without really knowing where I was going to enlarge the photo. Frankly, if you asked me what I did and how I did it, the truth is it suddenly sat there right in front of me and I liked it too. It is therefore, a “blown up” version of the same photo that you will see with this comment [how I got the shading in there I frankly don’t know].

    Don’t hesitate to call again. We don’t have to agree. I am a great believer in “growth by exposure” to the opposing viewpoint. As long as we are civil it is a good thing.

    Best to you.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    I refer readers to the Posting and Comments in:


    Read for yourself and decide.

  4. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  5. Ike Jakson Says:

    I don’t see anything bad about your English Raiul. What is your home language? I bet I can’t speak that. So, what is the difference? Do write in again and tell me more.

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