Who will take over when America goes? Kindly mark your applications Urgent and submit ASAP!

No jokes Folks!  The Brotherhood of World Nations will need a new leader when America vacates the position, and that can happen any day now.  It is also seriously in doubt that President Obama will survive his fall from grace; submit your applications for the most Powerful Position in the World at the same time.


It is all well documented and I won’t bore you with my own interpretations; so I will add very little to the quoted sources; indeed very little.  I will give you all the URL’s and merely point to the most important highlights in each.  Then you decide.


Number One:


Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 11:01 pm


President Obama on Jay Leno Spoiler



Ignore the gaffe arguments; it’s just a highly [un] civil war of words between Americans.  Rather just read the President’s one answer summary on how the financial crisis came to be.  Then take note of how many times he repeats the lack of decency and moral ethics in current day American Business, but he will soon fix that.



Number Two:


Email from Human Events Friday, March 20, 2009 in which this Shining Beacon/outpost of Conservatism cites their agreement with the President on the reasons for the financial meltdown crisis.  I remind you that Americans have been making a lot of new History almost every day since November 4th of 2008 and this is another one.  Never before, never ever indeed, has it happened that a Democratic President and Human Events agreed on anything; this a great first!  History has been made.



For Number Three:


Consult the following impeccable Time/CNN sources and their Swampland Blogsite:


Friday, March 20, 2009 at 10:43 am


When And What They Should Have Known




Friday, March 20, 2009 at 9:40 am


Congress’s Clawing AIG Efforts




Citigroup Plans Big Bonuses Despite Rules Against Them






Now let us assume President Obama is an honorable man, that he is an honest man, and that he is sincere when he says [see the Jay Leno Spoiler posting] that he wants to put honor, principles, and “the old values that have always carried America through difficult times in the past” back in American business.  He refers to these values in every second line; how many more times do you want him to do that?  Ignore the gossip that his Campaign Contributions did not come from millions of small donors.  Ignore the vile accusations that his campaign finance came from these large institutions; ignore the fact that Senior Senator Chris Dodd has now admitted after he had at first denied that he had received millions from the same sources and that he has promised to “return” the tainted money.  Ignore the vicious lies that they [these unprincipled institutions] bought the Presidency for him, that they own him and that they are now presenting their YOM’s [You Owe Me] for payment.


Take President Obama at his word.  It is no use and no achievement bragging about shooting a lame duck with a broken wing with a double barrel shotgun at twenty yards as all Americans are now doing to each other.


Maybe you can also read this one last article in the latest Time Edition:


China’s Takeoff in the Space Industry




They [China] seem ready to take over when America goes.  In fact, if you believe the article [so well researched and documented as you can always expect from Time] well, if you believe that article it seems China has already taken over the Commercial Space Industry while all them silly Americans are squabbling amongst themselves over gay marriages and human rights for terrorists in Gitmo.  What a way to end?


Study these impeccable sources and decide for yourself.  If you are still not convinced or if you believe like Americans do, that “if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a lame duck with a broken wing then it must be a duck,” I suggest you get those applications for new World Leadership Roles in at the appropriate place [special UN desk manned by Muamar Gadaffi] on the double.


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