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Who am I? Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid? [Revised]

April 30, 2009

They travel light and are all of the old Family!

They travel light and are all of the old Family!

Who am I?  Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid?


David of 8 Downing St in War clouds gathering? said “Check your ancestry and go back to wherever you came from and leave the Africans to manage their affairs. Go away!”


I don’t get involved in heavy arguments because many of these things amuse me.  So, please let me indulge in just a little observation on who belongs where and who was where first.


A group of French and Belgium archeologists have been working on a “dig” in a cave in a remote corner of Southern Africa in the area where the so-called old “lost cities” of Atlantis and Monomotapa [the latter often referred to as the City of Gold] are purported to have been located.  Some Web report recently published the “outlines” of Atlantis that they claim is from an aerial photograph than can see under the waves and it looked pretty convincing that there is something like the outlines of a city embedded below the waves.  It agrees with other previous findings that Atlantis “went for a swim” and decided to make a literal break from the Continent.


Anyway, these guys work in conjunction with the University of Cape Town and they claim that they have traced the origin of “Anatomically Modern Man” [the first guy who walked up straight] to that cave.  A few years ago they produced “lead chamber research” proof of the accuracy of their findings and said that they believe they have the stuff there that might proof that Anatomically Modern Man first lived there as long as 120 or even 150 thousand years ago.  One guy scoffed at America that has evidence of six thousand years and China sixteen thousand years.


Either way, they claim that it was from there that the Globe was populated, which assuming they are correct [with lead chamber verification and all], means that the whole lot of us are from that very same place.  It thus becomes a matter of what was first “the egg or the chicken” as far as the origin; ownership by birth or nationality may be concerned.  Heck, we are all descended from the same guy in that cave, hey.  So who must go home, and where is home; where do you draw the line?  Yeah, and who must draw the line?


All this reminds me of what Mickey Rooney said last year, and an American with a wicked sense of humor once told me.  He said: “You know we have African Americans, Irish Americans, British Americans, oh darn,” he turned his eyes to the skies above, “ we have East European Lesbian Tennis Player Americans and every other damn American you want to name.”


Well there you have it, and we are all directly related to the first guy who long time ago exited from the cave still deep in the comfort of sleep early one day and stretched out languorously when he witnessed the dawning of yet another outrageously beautiful day in the east that he did not realize he had stretched himself full up straight from the normal “on all fours” position until his lady came out from the cave and said “my oh my, you sure look beautiful standing straight like that.”


Y’all have a nice day mah bra’s and mah sisters of the New World Order.  I hope I may stay with y’all for a while.  Greetings!

An old Comment [five] – The Messiah becomes the chosen One

April 29, 2009

That was long before Rush Limbaugh picked it up [sorry to tell you that, Rush] and definitely the first time the Messiah and the chosen One fused into The One, later the Chosen One.  Prove me wrong; you can all try!  And the bus missed Hillary by a hair’s breadth.  It was touch and go, or she would have been a cow’s ransom in Kenya, the land of the Fathers.


As before, no editing, verbatim as Posted:


Comment by “Watch out Wyoming”


March 6th, 2008 at 3:53 pm


They are heading your way.


Barack Obama “is the global candidate,” Laura Ingraham said. “Everyone in Europe wants him to be President, everyone in the Middle East wants him to be President, and all these Democrats are fired up, all the young people in Texas and Ohio. And unless something really bizarre happens, it looks like he’ll be the nominee.”


I could add to that you will also find the whole of Africa, every two-bit despot/dictator wants Obama for US President. Why …. ? Take note also; they would all just love to have Oprah as Foreign Secretary; they adore Oprah; shall I tell you why …. ?


Perhaps that should be enough reason voters should reject Obama and vote for a candidate most hated in Africa and the Middle East. They will accept Hillary and Oprah instead, but they instruct you to anoint the chosen One, the Messiah Obama. America must OBEY, or suffer their wrath. When they get their boy in, all discussions/promises about health care, housing, budgets will become exercises in futility. I hear Hillary now mentioning National Security. She’s got the message at last!


But I read somewhere in your Comments Senator Obama once voted against a Bill to allow police to question suspicious looking chappies. Americans should be pleased if police are doing their job; I would gladly submit to a body-search before I board a plane [who wants to be the next 911 dead body, not me thank you] yes I shall ask them “search me , Sir, and search all of us, everyone, Sir, for the sake of my safety, sir, thank you Sir.” Hillary and Barack: that is National Security. Without that, everything you say amount no nothing but verbal diarrhea. WAKE UP Both of you.


Texas and Ohio. Please send them home. You are two of my Favorite States, after, I admit, Georgia and Tennessee, and I have a special love for Kentucky, and Wisconsin make good cheese. But I shall never forget Napoleon Ohio, and Defiance just nearby, and all of Texas. Send them home, send them away, get rid of both, for the sake of all America.


End of that but you get this one free:


Comment by “No Hat No Cattle”


March 5th, 2008 at 5:59 am


Voters in Texas obviously acted on the Kenya Cattle demand yesterday when they said loud and clear “Senator Obama all Hat no Cattle. Now ah wonder how he’s agonna deliver ‘hem cattle to his Cos Odinga in Kenya? Maybe, someone said that already, maybe they need them heifers there, he can send Hillary. Mah guess is Barack may wish to right now. Maybe he should ha done that when he had the chance

An old Comment [four] – The first sighting of the Messiah

April 28, 2009

This always intrigued me.  We had a junior politician with a questionable background that few gave him any real chance when he announced his candidacy for the US Presidency [almost everyone thought that would be a cakewalk for Hillary] and he surprised [shocked] everyone.  It is still a vast task reading all the old comments but I traced the very first mention of the Messiah joke to this piece of humor.


Here it is [verbatim including the date, no editing] as with the others:



Comment by Watch out America


March 8th, 2008 at 1:15 pm


Thanks for the early warning from Texas and Ohio; they have arrived but we won’t let them stay long. Two peas same pod, no Hat no Cattle; they’r a’commin down to Mississippi next, we hear.


Lock up your children and the aged. Nail everything down inna groun’

Both a’wanna bring ‘em troops home from them fighton Arabs, an we gather, yessum, them Bin Laden Fellows, El Caida’s an hem Taliban’s an ‘hem Gadaffi will be commin right behind our troops, to take over here. We will fight them our way on our soil, but you folks down there beware, hey.


An a’then you keep ‘em woman with ‘hem fake smile, an the young Messiah, you keep ‘em there for good. We don’t want them.

An old Comment [three] – the First Questions about a Man Unknown in February 2008

April 27, 2009

This will become something much bigger as I continue to work through old posted comments in FoxNews and other smaller Blogs later on.  As in the first ones, it is verbatim [no editing], as posted including the date.  If you read any variety of American Blogs you will find a consensus that these questions remain unanswered; three months into the Presidency the man is still The Enigma of more than a year ago and the mysteries grow in number.


Here it is:


Comment by Grandpa


February 23rd, 2008 at 11:21 pm


Any person living far away in another city, it may not matter to me what he believes or whether he does indeed believe in anything. I owe it to him to be cordial to him when we meet, otherwise whatever he is or what he believes or does not believe, is none of my business.


But what my new neighbor believes, or particularly what he does not believe, or the teacher at the school where my grandchildren go, or the parents of a new friend they make who invites them over for a weekend, the man at the bank who handles my money, many other instances, and the person who wants to President of my country. I have to know what he believes; I have to know whether he believes in the same things I believe in, and I have to know if he does not believe in things I hold dear.


I bought Living History by Hillary Clinton and I have read it. Same with My Life by Bill Clinton; both books are full of the Clinton’s but very little about me. I did not get the impression they care much about me, but they both told me many things about themselves, though I must say they seem to have a much higher regard of themselves than I have of me, me being just a little old fellow trying to live my own life and never having run for public office where I have to make decisions affecting the lives of others.


I bought and read Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama. Buy it and read it yourself; you will learn from it as we must all learn from each other. He makes snide remarks about President Reagan in the book [I did not like that]; he has a mouthful about the internment of Japanese during the War [long before he was even born], [his remarks are made fifty years after the War ended when he runs for Public Office]. For what purpose does he express these opinions? He mentions his uncertainty about religion; nowhere does he express any love for America, nowhere does he express any affection for Christianity; he often mentions Louis Farrakhan and seems to admire the man; nowhere does he tell me anything about the man Barack Obama or what the man really believes in. Naturally the book makes no mention about the present Iraq war because he wrote the book ten years ago, but at the present moment all we know is he does not approve of the war, would not have supported it when it started, but he gives no reasons for his views.


In one of his major speeches [tremendous oratory, yes indeed, probably one of the best speakers in the World today, and there is a need for that sort of thing] in this speech, in great style, he repeats ”Our time has come …. Our time has come …. Change is coming to America ….” But he does not say whose time has come, or what change is coming.


He wants to be President, he put his name forward, nobody asked him to do that; and I need to know these things about him, for the sake of my grandchildren, for my Country and for that matter, because America counts in the World, I have to know these things as I would have to know them about anyone who is running for the Presidency.


What he does when he gets there will depend on what he believes and/or what he does not believe. Either way his decisions will have a profound effect on my life and the lives of my family. He must tell me about these things, no need for big oratory, just simple words I can understand because I am just an ordinary old fellow.

An old Comment [two] – Muamar Gadaffi announces New World Order

April 27, 2009

This may become a series [or even a book] as I work through old posted comments in FoxNews and other smaller Blogs later on.  As in the first one, it is verbatim [no editing], as posted including the date.  Who knows what hand Gadaffi played in the recent New World Order Debate?


What did Gadaffi know fourteen months ago that the CIA or Sarkozy did not know?


Here it is:


Comment by Muamar Gadaffi


February 22nd, 2008 at 11:14 pm


An Independent Poll conducted by the newly formed United States of Africa and Arabia [in future to be referred to as the US of A&A] produced amazing statistics which will have a profound effect on relations between the US of A and the new Union which will rule from headquarters in Tripoli Libya.


The Poll findings are conclusive, so much so that US of A&A leaders headed by Muamar [affectionately known to friends as Goatmilk] Gadaffi are united in the opinion that the results of the poll enable them to make the following demands which are sending shockwaves through Washington:


That the USA should proceed poste haste to elect Prince Barack Hussein Obama from Africa as President and install him in Office by 4th July 2008.


That the poll also reveal acceptance of one Hillary Rodham Clinton as Head Cookie Baker in the Headquarters of the new combined US of A&A regime in Tripoli provided said Hillary shall first learn how to bake cookies and that she wears a head scarf when she bows before Old Goatmilk on her arrival to take up her new Position in Tripoli.


That Princes of Whigs Oprah Winfrey shall be appointed Foreign Secretary for President Obama to oversee a proposed merger between US of A and US of A&A. President Obama may appoint any VP of his Choice provided said Veep does not interfere in Matters of State.


When asked how this will improve relations between Washington and Tripoli Gadaffi said in his well known gravel voice: “This is the New World Order, that’s all there is to it. It is for me to decide and for you to obey.”

An old Comment [One] in FoxNews by Muamar Gadaffi

April 26, 2009

I was reminded of this when I read the gentle banter between “friends from both sides of the Pond” in two Posts in the UK Telegraph Blogsite.  Being relatively inexperienced around the intricacies of URL’s and the Web I hope you can find them but it doesn’t matter if you don’t because it only reminded me to do something that I have e wanted to do for some time:


Greetings to America by O Zangado


Welcome to me by the man from Lumpkin GA


Both sides made me feel proud to be part of the English-speaking World and what this beautiful language has achieved.  The comments reflected the subtle differences between Americans and British that have both contributed to make English Number One.  Thanks Folks; I hope to do a Post on this one day.


But then I had to embark on a massive search to retrieve the following because it will amuse both sides.  I managed to do so and submit it verbatim, no editing at all including the date.  This was for real at the time.  Here it is:



From Muamar Gadaffi


February 21st, 2008 at 11:03 am


I, Muamar Gadaffi, Emperor of All-Africa, and should also be Supreme Emperor of All-Arabia, issue writ to all American Voter Imperialist occupants of the land you now call the United States of America.


You shall with immediate effect:


Cease all activity in your colonialist election efforts


Abandon your so-called Constitution and revert to a Colony under my command


Install as caretaker President, my servant and direct under my command, until further notice, His Royal Highness of Africa, Barack Hussein Obama


Install my humble and obedient housekeeper Hillary Rodham Clinton as my own personal Envoy and Co-President for the Colony in charge of baking cookies, and PLEASE HEED her proper title.


Install her Royal Highness, Princes of Whigs, Oprah Winfrey as my local Executive President until further notice. In the meantime surrender your full military command, Army, Navy, Air Force and Security Branches to her as my Commander-in-Chief awaiting my further instructions.


Vacate the whole Potomac Region and await my arrival 4th July in this the 2008 year of the African Millennium too inaugurate my Government and Officials


Demolish your so-called Statue of Liberty and erect in it’s place a statue of the same height for my Co-President of a United All-Africa the one you know as Nelson Mandela, where you must all gather at the moment of my said arrival to honor this great Son and Prince of Africa. You shall all bow, kneel and grovel at my pleasure and discretion in atonement for your sins, and to offer homage to Him, the Prince of Freedom.


In the meantime do not, repeat DO NOT even consider electing to your so-called Presidency the man you call John McCain. I want him arrested and kept in chains awaiting my said arrival. Meantime send me your Toy-Boy, William Jefferson Clinton for entertainment whilst we prepare for our journey to the Potomac.


Further orders will follow


So ordered by me: Supreme Commander of Sun and Earth

Muamar Gadaffi; Libya, Continent of All-Africa [and stop poking fun at me, like calling me Goatmilk Gadaffi – it annoys/hurts my gentle demeanor and gives me headaches I cannot endure]

Joe the Kingmaker and the Impossible Dream

April 25, 2009

If Joe Klein, Senior Time Writer, counselor to Kings, Mister Know All Master of None were to start all his articles with a big fat capital letters headline “THIS IS PARODY, SATIRE AND GENERAL NONSENSE, you would be able to take him seriously.


But alas, it is not to be!


Now he seriously suggests doing away with Grandstanding and Appropriations because “This is not the moment to convey weakness or division” and [wait for the best] leave Afghanistan to people “who actually know something about foreign and military policy.  Oh, I almost forgot, he uses the opportunity, as always in anything no matter what his own topic is, to take a backhand swipe at the Former President [this time seemingly because this person, always “enemy number One” in the eyes of Joe, neglected to wipe Afghan out when he should have done so, according to Joe].




Democrats Grandstanding


Dear Joe, there are only two options for Afghanistan [or Af/Pak as you guys call it these days]:


Number One:


Send some of the largest nukes you have in, and level the place with the ground, but you know as well as I do that Obama does not have the spine for War, so forget it and have number two, the only other way.


Number Two:


Loose the War in Afghan.  And that is what it is going to be no matter what you say or do.  Goodness Gracious Joe, the Man responsible for all the “Grandstanding” is sitting in the White House and doesn’t have a clue what to do about his Campaign Rhetoric.  Brandenburg Germany was his Waterloo when the Germans [so very politely, but oh so firmly] showed him the Gate but told him that he couldn’t use it.  Afghan will be his burial ground and, with it also, of your Impossible Dream.


You know why?  Two reasons once again:


One: Teleprompter Speeches are not in high demand in those mountainous rat holes.


Two: it’s called Afghanistan, and that makes it vastly, or ever so slightly [you can choose], different from a pizza eatery in St. Louis MO.


Get Real Joe!  Or make America the laughing stock of the New World Order [again, you may choose].  And you will have another opportunity to blame it on the Former President; wouldn’t that be beautiful?   

Mark Twain in 1875 on Economy and Government 2009 [revised]

April 24, 2009

The Facts In The Case Of The Great Beef Contract, by Mark Twain [1875]


My copy of the story comes from a CD Rom of all the Works of America’s Master Storyteller of yesteryear.  The CD has a picture of a Tomahawk incident that I tried to copy into this Post because of the importance in the story but all my efforts were in vain and I have now removed the cartoon that I initially included for your amusement in the absence of the Tomahawk; I am Posting the cartoon separately is a Post on its own.  Do your best to get the original CD ROM picture of the Tomahawk. 


The thrust of this literary masterpiece is as relevant in present day Economics and Governance as it was at the time the incident took place.


A man inherits a valid contract to deliver a certain amount of beef for the army and sets about doing so.  But frustration follows on failed effort after failed effort on the part of Government, and that in turn is followed by desperation, followed by the whole gamut of emotions since Century one to twenty to the present day.  You have never seen better dialogue between supplier and Government anywhere in your life.  No living person knows how many Government Departments exist, each with comptrollers, secretaries, armies of clerks on various levels of authority and the Beef Contract Man even ended up at the Office of the President.  Follow the dialogue on the Tomahawk even if you can’t find the picture.  If you get the original CD Rom you find the Tomahawk anyway.


Professional book or story [or film] reviews always try to tell you the story, including the names of all the characters and what they do as well as what they don’t do [shucks, some reviews actually try to tell you what is good or bad in the work they review].  I detest that because I want to feel the theme, the contest and the characters coming alive in me when I read.  So I won’t spoil your fun [I don’t get paid to do that after all].


Thus, just once more.  Sit down with your favorite refreshment and enjoy.  Take the dialogue slowly and look at the names given to characters [in itself worth twice the amount you will pay for the CD].  And enjoy the spectacle of Government.


Lastly, please oh please, don’t turn to the end of the story until you get there in the normal way.  The last line will do something to you!  It may make you smile or laugh, go mad or become hysterical, or you may just hug your wife and ask her to read it too.  Let me know by way of a comment what happened to you.

Trashing of a Post

April 23, 2009

I have trashed an entire Post in an effort to get rid of this Troll who has been using it to advertise his junk:

Author : Accencewact (IP: ,

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Be on the lookout for him and report him if he pesters you.

Bolt everything down – The Robbing Hoods have a new Trick!

April 22, 2009

It’s true Folks; they will move in any day now to part you with your money once more.


Last year they were all broke; in fact they had lost all their money and yours too.  So they asked the Government for a bailout and the “It’s the Money Stupid” Government gave them millions of your hard-earned food money.  What did they do?  They promptly took it all and paid it to themselves as Executive bonuses.


Now they have to find a new scheme and I must confess it is brilliant.  It is obvious that the Government won’t bail out another badly managed corporation that is already bankrupt.


So?  Miracles were called for and they jumped for it.  Out of the depths and despair they have now created profits out of nothing.  Some names are mentioned and I see CitiGroup, Morgan Sachs and a few others.


“The crisis is over, yeah yeah yeah, the crisis is over, and we have made a nice profit, yeah yeah yeah.”  Watch for that catchphrase!


Now this is where you have to be careful and think.  Think about yourself firstly.  I mean if you were broke last year and you used your last dimes to go to the market and bought all the all non-perishables for one tenth of the price and you kept it a while until people needed it you would be sitting pretty on a real nice profit if you sold all that stuff at five times last years price.  The buyer would be happy because you are giving him a good deal and you would have five hundred bucks for every hundred that you put in.  I would say that it would be quite natural if you now pay yourself an “executive bonus” of one hundred dollars and keep what you have over to make another deal.


The signs to look for are worthless bank shares that once traded at, say, three hundred bucks before it fell to ten bucks or less by late 2008 when the truth about packaged bonds, derivatives and all the other junk came out.  They will now say yeah, but the new profits have increased that share value to thirty bucks and it is going up.  You can now buy into the bank at forty or fifty bucks a share, they will tell you, and be a rich man before Obama’s first term expires.


Folks, that’s a lie.  The crisis is not over; the profits they now show are paper; those shares aren’t worth three bucks.  If you put your forty or fifty bucks per share in now, they will skim almost everything you put in off towards new executive bonuses and leave you with a share that isn’t worth one lousy dime.


Read my previous post:


Always remember Folks; the art of Finance is passing your money from hand to hand until it finally disappears.