They have to go under if we are to save the World

It is time for ordinary Folks to ask the questions and demand the answers because we are being had in a big way.


I am talking about saving the people from the financial guru’s who are lying to us.  It’s hidden in one short statement of President Obama in:


President Obama on Jay Leno Spoiler


“So the problem with AIG was that it owed so much and was tangled up with so many banks and institutions that if you had allowed it to just liquidate, to go into bankruptcy, it could have brought the whole financial system down.”


This statement of the President is a tiny part of a long answer to a question by the interviewer.  I have no problem with the rest of the answer; in fact I agree hundred percent with his explanation how “we landed in this mess” [I have been saying the same thing for almost ten years].  My problem is in the few words “it could have brought the whole financial system down.”



Now before anyone starts saying that this is just another political hit at the President let me say to you that I am only quoting him because he was the one saying it recently and I have it on the Internet.  I am saying that it is a lie that was fed to him just as the same lie is being fed to Governments around the Globe by the Robbing Hoods of the Financial Industry, the “Derivatives People” who are stealing us blind.


Next time you hear that statement from anyone ask the speaker to explain the difference between the need to save the “financial system” while you let GM or Chrysler go under.


Let me tell you the difference: saving GM will save the worker but saving AIG is saving the thieves.  Don’t let them bluff you any longer.


It is time to let those guys go under if we want to save the World.  We have to start asking them to explain what they mean and let us publish their answers here.  They are lying through their teeth!


The truth is you are being held ransom by those words while you go under.  It is time we let them go under [completely, entirely, fully] to save the World and to rebuild a new financial industry without the thieves running the present one.  Some people still fear Communism or Socialism and the Robbing Hoods encourage you to fear that while they are doing you in ten times worse than socialism and communism combined.  In any event, the problem is not capitalism; the problem is the thievery and corruption under the cloak of lies and deception.


Maybe President Obama can change the World, but not as long as he lets AIG’s everywhere off the hook.  He will have to let them go under in order to save the World.


PS: Normally a PS is not, but this time it is required reading.  The London Stock Exchange today reported Internet Communication problems; CNN commented on it and blamed a virus; the Johannesburg Securities Exchange could not report all day and blames London Stock Exchange; and seventeen of the G20 nations meeting in London announced steps to protect their banking systems against the American influence; CNN again referred to the virus threat later in the day.  Call it fear, call it anything you want, but don’t be a fool and say it is just a practical April Fool’s Day funny joke.  I used the time to key this Post in; it is different from what I had previously intended but I am worried that there is a connection somewhere.


5 Responses to “They have to go under if we are to save the World”

  1. towp Says:

    Seems to me Ike you have managed–quite nicely I might add–to redefine–‘Them’ and ‘Us’. It seems like GM and Chrysler are no different than you and me, they just have more dependants, and like you and me the government will let them go by the wayside. All seems to boil down to the administration saying–“what can you do for me ” and not “what can we do for you”.
    Well thought,well stated.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Towp thanks for your views and your support. You mention what I had meant to convey. I hope more see it your way.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    To the person who tried to get some free advertising. Nice try friend but it didn’t work; your effort has been deleted and reported as Spam. You may have better luck elsewhere.

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