Some prefer the Old World Order

North Korea didn’t wait for President Obama to get the New World Order on it’s merry way and as an indication of their disdain for those who want to change everything fired a rocket across the bows of HMS Change.


North Korea acted within hours of New World Order President Obama’s plea.  See: Obama calls for a ‘world without’ nukes


New Secretary for State Hillary Rodham Clinton could not be reached on her 3AM phone but a worried New World traced the globetrotting President Obama in his bed in Prague at 04:30 one morning this past week.  He literally sprang into action and got hold of the Clinton gal somewhere and they arranged for tough new sanctions against a recalcitrant North Korea.


Will it produce results?  I recommend that you ask China.  You see, that country way across the other side of the pond on the other side of the other pond, well they have a UN Veto Power and nobody will tell them how to use that little gimmick or take it away from them.  In fact, nobody will tell them anything because they do their own thing.  A very busy little Country is China.




Cycles and/or Circles in the Affairs of Peoples and Nations



This Post appeared a little while before recent New World Order prattle became the vogue but I have my doubts.  Seems like North Korea prefers the Old Order and I have this strange inkling that we may just have to wait until China has spoken.  They are the Quiet People of the World [a lot more quiet than the Quiet American by Joe Stein of Time Magazine] but they have this work ethic thing: work comes before play, talking and fun.  Successful little country they have built that way.


And I don’t know whether China will participate in the New World Order business; there are some things I just don’t know.

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