Confirmed: Comet sighting over Europe was April Fool Hoax

Though there is a theory that species Anatomically Modern Man [the guy who first walked up straight] has his origin in lower Southern Africa] and although some old bones have been dug up in the area where some claim the lost cities of Atlantis and Monomotapa once prospered [the latter wishfully dressed up as the City of Gold] it is recognized that Europe has been the center of modern human endeavor.  It’s an old place.


When you can get Europeans briefly to ignore the fact that they live on one huge land mass but are proud different Nations, what they generally call Europe stretches almost fully round the northern Globe from Greenwich and back again except for Alaska out there on the wingtip of Russia and the United States a little lower down in the big pond.  Europe is therefore, also a big place apart from being old.  To them [when you briefly succeed to get them all to call themselves Europeans] their Europe is the cradle and origin of everything.  Take that, I daresay old Chap, as a fact that they have earned and therefore, a view that they are entitled to hold.


Europe has seen everything; they know about Kingdoms, monarchs, aristocrats and anarchists.  There is nothing you can teach Europe about history and art, or war [victory and defeat] and glory, or of the rise and fall of dynasties, kingdoms, great leaders and murdering swine.


So, a young first time little star was briefly visible over part of Europe during the week of April 1st in the year of 2009 and then disappeared.  Europe knows the difference between a Comet that will come again and a small waning star.  Read the European Press this week; read it again same time next year, and repeat in four years.


America is a land of Wonder but should take note.  Europeans are not that easily swept off their feet by the grand dilutions of demagogues, speeches read from Teleprompters or fly-by-night junior politicians.  Europe is a big place, and an old place and they have seen everything that they need to see.  Don’t mess with Europe!  There is a new cycle that is taking shape in World Affairs; they come and go; they change and reshape some things; don’t worry about Europe.  They will be there after this cycle and the next one.


What Americans should rather do now is to look inward and regroup internally in order to survive what Joe Biden called Barack’s America.


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Obama Sends a Clear Message to America’s Allies: You Are On Your Own


What does the man stand for?  What does he believe?  On whose side is he?  Where is America heading for right now, torn asunder internally and almost mortally wounded as they are?

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