Fun for the whole Family and meet Joe the Magician

You will have the time of your life and it’s free!  The source, if you wish to see the basic details [marvelous] appears in:


Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense


There you have it Folks and I won’t clutter the story with more facts; it is clear where it is going.


If crime, money, DUI or corruption worries you just legalize it.  Think of a World without crime with no police, law enforcement or any of the clutter of courts, prisons and lawyers fees.  It’s all gone.  What is that stuff they make of that flower they grow in that place where Obama is starting World War three?  I always forget.  Oh, I have the name of the place now, Afghanistan, but … oh yeah, it’s the poppy flower, but I cannot for the love of me remember the name of the stuff they make from it.  Doesn’t matter, just legalize that too and the war goes away with it.


Joe mentions the money for California [now you have to read some of the article], and I say support California; they need the money.


Think of all the money you will save if Joe can get the New World Order to do away with all crime.  Think of the planet if everyone grows his own stuff [it’s green and Al Gore says green is good for the World] and think of time and transport savings, and less road damage from transportation if everyone has his own supply in the veggie patch.


One thing puzzles me and Joe doesn’t say.  If all the stuff becomes legal, won’t the prize drop?  Maybe it will become worthless like your Wall Street investment; who cares?  Another problem I foresee is Bin Laden becoming Bin Empty if he can’t sell the stuff, but he can join Joe in retirement anyway; he’s got enough money stashed away by now.


And Joe offers to surrender his driver’s license if he can get free legal pot!  Wow, maybe he gives up writing too; sitting on the porch watching his pot plants growing, having a puff of the fresh harvest from yesterday.  Time Magazine just recently announced a rapid acceleration in the speed of Evolution; I can see Joe sitting on the porch growing wings and flying off to his home in the sky [in his lifetime still; this old-fashioned Darwin Evolution speed is much too slow for him].


Have fun Folks.  And Joe, you are just pure magic my Man!


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