Joe the Purveyor of Good News and European Triumph gets one on the nose!

Joe the Purveyor of Good News and European Triumph got one on the nose and for once finds himself at a loss for his standard eloquence.


Who has done it this Time?  Don’t tell me it was Sarkozy the Frenchman, though I have kind of expected that.


Yes, it was Sarkozy!  What this eloquent man, and thus surely also a rational observer, is saying without wasting words on Joe, is that Joe was talking nonsense when he said those famous words [by the standards of Joe, that is] that “most rational observers saw Barack Obama’s foreign trip as a significant U.S. triumph.”  Read all about that and bear witness to the street brawl ensuing from that in America, at:


Krauthammer Desperately Seeking Nail


Now read:


Sarkozy’s Comments on Leaders Draw Shock, Denial


And after that, of course, the clock of time was chiming loud and desperate for the Time Rag to react, which they did in their own inimitable way: kill the bearer of bad News with a sledgehammer and make it fast.  See:


Sarkozy’s ’Sarkotic’ Tendencies,8599,1704869,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-bottom


The Time Rag looses all rational thought when it comes to their Protégé; they fought Former President Bush alongside Obama in Election 2008 and now react as if Sarkozy is the next main opponent.  They rant about Sarkozy’s love life, his religion, and every piece of dirt they can find to protect their Man, the triumphant Globetrotter; they even compare Sarkozy with former French Presidents and find him lacking.  It has everything of the Obama/Bush fight 2008 in it.


All this dirt mongering just because Sarkozy smiled and kind of called the “Quiet American” a boy child in a job for Men.


It will be interesting to see how Joe the Purveyor will react to this.  The ball is now in his court and a formidable Frenchman awaits him.  A small hint to Joe: “Joe, we all know your man won the American election, but please remember that Sarkozy also won, in the French Election that is, and Former President Bush is happily retired now, so you don’t have to fight him any longer.”


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