Joe the Kingmaker and the Impossible Dream

If Joe Klein, Senior Time Writer, counselor to Kings, Mister Know All Master of None were to start all his articles with a big fat capital letters headline “THIS IS PARODY, SATIRE AND GENERAL NONSENSE, you would be able to take him seriously.


But alas, it is not to be!


Now he seriously suggests doing away with Grandstanding and Appropriations because “This is not the moment to convey weakness or division” and [wait for the best] leave Afghanistan to people “who actually know something about foreign and military policy.  Oh, I almost forgot, he uses the opportunity, as always in anything no matter what his own topic is, to take a backhand swipe at the Former President [this time seemingly because this person, always “enemy number One” in the eyes of Joe, neglected to wipe Afghan out when he should have done so, according to Joe].




Democrats Grandstanding


Dear Joe, there are only two options for Afghanistan [or Af/Pak as you guys call it these days]:


Number One:


Send some of the largest nukes you have in, and level the place with the ground, but you know as well as I do that Obama does not have the spine for War, so forget it and have number two, the only other way.


Number Two:


Loose the War in Afghan.  And that is what it is going to be no matter what you say or do.  Goodness Gracious Joe, the Man responsible for all the “Grandstanding” is sitting in the White House and doesn’t have a clue what to do about his Campaign Rhetoric.  Brandenburg Germany was his Waterloo when the Germans [so very politely, but oh so firmly] showed him the Gate but told him that he couldn’t use it.  Afghan will be his burial ground and, with it also, of your Impossible Dream.


You know why?  Two reasons once again:


One: Teleprompter Speeches are not in high demand in those mountainous rat holes.


Two: it’s called Afghanistan, and that makes it vastly, or ever so slightly [you can choose], different from a pizza eatery in St. Louis MO.


Get Real Joe!  Or make America the laughing stock of the New World Order [again, you may choose].  And you will have another opportunity to blame it on the Former President; wouldn’t that be beautiful?   

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