An old Comment [One] in FoxNews by Muamar Gadaffi

I was reminded of this when I read the gentle banter between “friends from both sides of the Pond” in two Posts in the UK Telegraph Blogsite.  Being relatively inexperienced around the intricacies of URL’s and the Web I hope you can find them but it doesn’t matter if you don’t because it only reminded me to do something that I have e wanted to do for some time:


Greetings to America by O Zangado


Welcome to me by the man from Lumpkin GA


Both sides made me feel proud to be part of the English-speaking World and what this beautiful language has achieved.  The comments reflected the subtle differences between Americans and British that have both contributed to make English Number One.  Thanks Folks; I hope to do a Post on this one day.


But then I had to embark on a massive search to retrieve the following because it will amuse both sides.  I managed to do so and submit it verbatim, no editing at all including the date.  This was for real at the time.  Here it is:



From Muamar Gadaffi


February 21st, 2008 at 11:03 am


I, Muamar Gadaffi, Emperor of All-Africa, and should also be Supreme Emperor of All-Arabia, issue writ to all American Voter Imperialist occupants of the land you now call the United States of America.


You shall with immediate effect:


Cease all activity in your colonialist election efforts


Abandon your so-called Constitution and revert to a Colony under my command


Install as caretaker President, my servant and direct under my command, until further notice, His Royal Highness of Africa, Barack Hussein Obama


Install my humble and obedient housekeeper Hillary Rodham Clinton as my own personal Envoy and Co-President for the Colony in charge of baking cookies, and PLEASE HEED her proper title.


Install her Royal Highness, Princes of Whigs, Oprah Winfrey as my local Executive President until further notice. In the meantime surrender your full military command, Army, Navy, Air Force and Security Branches to her as my Commander-in-Chief awaiting my further instructions.


Vacate the whole Potomac Region and await my arrival 4th July in this the 2008 year of the African Millennium too inaugurate my Government and Officials


Demolish your so-called Statue of Liberty and erect in it’s place a statue of the same height for my Co-President of a United All-Africa the one you know as Nelson Mandela, where you must all gather at the moment of my said arrival to honor this great Son and Prince of Africa. You shall all bow, kneel and grovel at my pleasure and discretion in atonement for your sins, and to offer homage to Him, the Prince of Freedom.


In the meantime do not, repeat DO NOT even consider electing to your so-called Presidency the man you call John McCain. I want him arrested and kept in chains awaiting my said arrival. Meantime send me your Toy-Boy, William Jefferson Clinton for entertainment whilst we prepare for our journey to the Potomac.


Further orders will follow


So ordered by me: Supreme Commander of Sun and Earth

Muamar Gadaffi; Libya, Continent of All-Africa [and stop poking fun at me, like calling me Goatmilk Gadaffi – it annoys/hurts my gentle demeanor and gives me headaches I cannot endure]

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