An old Comment [three] – the First Questions about a Man Unknown in February 2008

This will become something much bigger as I continue to work through old posted comments in FoxNews and other smaller Blogs later on.  As in the first ones, it is verbatim [no editing], as posted including the date.  If you read any variety of American Blogs you will find a consensus that these questions remain unanswered; three months into the Presidency the man is still The Enigma of more than a year ago and the mysteries grow in number.


Here it is:


Comment by Grandpa


February 23rd, 2008 at 11:21 pm


Any person living far away in another city, it may not matter to me what he believes or whether he does indeed believe in anything. I owe it to him to be cordial to him when we meet, otherwise whatever he is or what he believes or does not believe, is none of my business.


But what my new neighbor believes, or particularly what he does not believe, or the teacher at the school where my grandchildren go, or the parents of a new friend they make who invites them over for a weekend, the man at the bank who handles my money, many other instances, and the person who wants to President of my country. I have to know what he believes; I have to know whether he believes in the same things I believe in, and I have to know if he does not believe in things I hold dear.


I bought Living History by Hillary Clinton and I have read it. Same with My Life by Bill Clinton; both books are full of the Clinton’s but very little about me. I did not get the impression they care much about me, but they both told me many things about themselves, though I must say they seem to have a much higher regard of themselves than I have of me, me being just a little old fellow trying to live my own life and never having run for public office where I have to make decisions affecting the lives of others.


I bought and read Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama. Buy it and read it yourself; you will learn from it as we must all learn from each other. He makes snide remarks about President Reagan in the book [I did not like that]; he has a mouthful about the internment of Japanese during the War [long before he was even born], [his remarks are made fifty years after the War ended when he runs for Public Office]. For what purpose does he express these opinions? He mentions his uncertainty about religion; nowhere does he express any love for America, nowhere does he express any affection for Christianity; he often mentions Louis Farrakhan and seems to admire the man; nowhere does he tell me anything about the man Barack Obama or what the man really believes in. Naturally the book makes no mention about the present Iraq war because he wrote the book ten years ago, but at the present moment all we know is he does not approve of the war, would not have supported it when it started, but he gives no reasons for his views.


In one of his major speeches [tremendous oratory, yes indeed, probably one of the best speakers in the World today, and there is a need for that sort of thing] in this speech, in great style, he repeats ”Our time has come …. Our time has come …. Change is coming to America ….” But he does not say whose time has come, or what change is coming.


He wants to be President, he put his name forward, nobody asked him to do that; and I need to know these things about him, for the sake of my grandchildren, for my Country and for that matter, because America counts in the World, I have to know these things as I would have to know them about anyone who is running for the Presidency.


What he does when he gets there will depend on what he believes and/or what he does not believe. Either way his decisions will have a profound effect on my life and the lives of my family. He must tell me about these things, no need for big oratory, just simple words I can understand because I am just an ordinary old fellow.

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