An old Comment [two] – Muamar Gadaffi announces New World Order

This may become a series [or even a book] as I work through old posted comments in FoxNews and other smaller Blogs later on.  As in the first one, it is verbatim [no editing], as posted including the date.  Who knows what hand Gadaffi played in the recent New World Order Debate?


What did Gadaffi know fourteen months ago that the CIA or Sarkozy did not know?


Here it is:


Comment by Muamar Gadaffi


February 22nd, 2008 at 11:14 pm


An Independent Poll conducted by the newly formed United States of Africa and Arabia [in future to be referred to as the US of A&A] produced amazing statistics which will have a profound effect on relations between the US of A and the new Union which will rule from headquarters in Tripoli Libya.


The Poll findings are conclusive, so much so that US of A&A leaders headed by Muamar [affectionately known to friends as Goatmilk] Gadaffi are united in the opinion that the results of the poll enable them to make the following demands which are sending shockwaves through Washington:


That the USA should proceed poste haste to elect Prince Barack Hussein Obama from Africa as President and install him in Office by 4th July 2008.


That the poll also reveal acceptance of one Hillary Rodham Clinton as Head Cookie Baker in the Headquarters of the new combined US of A&A regime in Tripoli provided said Hillary shall first learn how to bake cookies and that she wears a head scarf when she bows before Old Goatmilk on her arrival to take up her new Position in Tripoli.


That Princes of Whigs Oprah Winfrey shall be appointed Foreign Secretary for President Obama to oversee a proposed merger between US of A and US of A&A. President Obama may appoint any VP of his Choice provided said Veep does not interfere in Matters of State.


When asked how this will improve relations between Washington and Tripoli Gadaffi said in his well known gravel voice: “This is the New World Order, that’s all there is to it. It is for me to decide and for you to obey.”

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