An old Comment [four] – The first sighting of the Messiah

This always intrigued me.  We had a junior politician with a questionable background that few gave him any real chance when he announced his candidacy for the US Presidency [almost everyone thought that would be a cakewalk for Hillary] and he surprised [shocked] everyone.  It is still a vast task reading all the old comments but I traced the very first mention of the Messiah joke to this piece of humor.


Here it is [verbatim including the date, no editing] as with the others:



Comment by Watch out America


March 8th, 2008 at 1:15 pm


Thanks for the early warning from Texas and Ohio; they have arrived but we won’t let them stay long. Two peas same pod, no Hat no Cattle; they’r a’commin down to Mississippi next, we hear.


Lock up your children and the aged. Nail everything down inna groun’

Both a’wanna bring ‘em troops home from them fighton Arabs, an we gather, yessum, them Bin Laden Fellows, El Caida’s an hem Taliban’s an ‘hem Gadaffi will be commin right behind our troops, to take over here. We will fight them our way on our soil, but you folks down there beware, hey.


An a’then you keep ‘em woman with ‘hem fake smile, an the young Messiah, you keep ‘em there for good. We don’t want them.

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