An old Comment [five] – The Messiah becomes the chosen One

That was long before Rush Limbaugh picked it up [sorry to tell you that, Rush] and definitely the first time the Messiah and the chosen One fused into The One, later the Chosen One.  Prove me wrong; you can all try!  And the bus missed Hillary by a hair’s breadth.  It was touch and go, or she would have been a cow’s ransom in Kenya, the land of the Fathers.


As before, no editing, verbatim as Posted:


Comment by “Watch out Wyoming”


March 6th, 2008 at 3:53 pm


They are heading your way.


Barack Obama “is the global candidate,” Laura Ingraham said. “Everyone in Europe wants him to be President, everyone in the Middle East wants him to be President, and all these Democrats are fired up, all the young people in Texas and Ohio. And unless something really bizarre happens, it looks like he’ll be the nominee.”


I could add to that you will also find the whole of Africa, every two-bit despot/dictator wants Obama for US President. Why …. ? Take note also; they would all just love to have Oprah as Foreign Secretary; they adore Oprah; shall I tell you why …. ?


Perhaps that should be enough reason voters should reject Obama and vote for a candidate most hated in Africa and the Middle East. They will accept Hillary and Oprah instead, but they instruct you to anoint the chosen One, the Messiah Obama. America must OBEY, or suffer their wrath. When they get their boy in, all discussions/promises about health care, housing, budgets will become exercises in futility. I hear Hillary now mentioning National Security. She’s got the message at last!


But I read somewhere in your Comments Senator Obama once voted against a Bill to allow police to question suspicious looking chappies. Americans should be pleased if police are doing their job; I would gladly submit to a body-search before I board a plane [who wants to be the next 911 dead body, not me thank you] yes I shall ask them “search me , Sir, and search all of us, everyone, Sir, for the sake of my safety, sir, thank you Sir.” Hillary and Barack: that is National Security. Without that, everything you say amount no nothing but verbal diarrhea. WAKE UP Both of you.


Texas and Ohio. Please send them home. You are two of my Favorite States, after, I admit, Georgia and Tennessee, and I have a special love for Kentucky, and Wisconsin make good cheese. But I shall never forget Napoleon Ohio, and Defiance just nearby, and all of Texas. Send them home, send them away, get rid of both, for the sake of all America.


End of that but you get this one free:


Comment by “No Hat No Cattle”


March 5th, 2008 at 5:59 am


Voters in Texas obviously acted on the Kenya Cattle demand yesterday when they said loud and clear “Senator Obama all Hat no Cattle. Now ah wonder how he’s agonna deliver ‘hem cattle to his Cos Odinga in Kenya? Maybe, someone said that already, maybe they need them heifers there, he can send Hillary. Mah guess is Barack may wish to right now. Maybe he should ha done that when he had the chance

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