Who am I? Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid? [Revised]

They travel light and are all of the old Family!

They travel light and are all of the old Family!

Who am I?  Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid?


David of 8 Downing St in War clouds gathering? said “Check your ancestry and go back to wherever you came from and leave the Africans to manage their affairs. Go away!”


I don’t get involved in heavy arguments because many of these things amuse me.  So, please let me indulge in just a little observation on who belongs where and who was where first.


A group of French and Belgium archeologists have been working on a “dig” in a cave in a remote corner of Southern Africa in the area where the so-called old “lost cities” of Atlantis and Monomotapa [the latter often referred to as the City of Gold] are purported to have been located.  Some Web report recently published the “outlines” of Atlantis that they claim is from an aerial photograph than can see under the waves and it looked pretty convincing that there is something like the outlines of a city embedded below the waves.  It agrees with other previous findings that Atlantis “went for a swim” and decided to make a literal break from the Continent.


Anyway, these guys work in conjunction with the University of Cape Town and they claim that they have traced the origin of “Anatomically Modern Man” [the first guy who walked up straight] to that cave.  A few years ago they produced “lead chamber research” proof of the accuracy of their findings and said that they believe they have the stuff there that might proof that Anatomically Modern Man first lived there as long as 120 or even 150 thousand years ago.  One guy scoffed at America that has evidence of six thousand years and China sixteen thousand years.


Either way, they claim that it was from there that the Globe was populated, which assuming they are correct [with lead chamber verification and all], means that the whole lot of us are from that very same place.  It thus becomes a matter of what was first “the egg or the chicken” as far as the origin; ownership by birth or nationality may be concerned.  Heck, we are all descended from the same guy in that cave, hey.  So who must go home, and where is home; where do you draw the line?  Yeah, and who must draw the line?


All this reminds me of what Mickey Rooney said last year, and an American with a wicked sense of humor once told me.  He said: “You know we have African Americans, Irish Americans, British Americans, oh darn,” he turned his eyes to the skies above, “ we have East European Lesbian Tennis Player Americans and every other damn American you want to name.”


Well there you have it, and we are all directly related to the first guy who long time ago exited from the cave still deep in the comfort of sleep early one day and stretched out languorously when he witnessed the dawning of yet another outrageously beautiful day in the east that he did not realize he had stretched himself full up straight from the normal “on all fours” position until his lady came out from the cave and said “my oh my, you sure look beautiful standing straight like that.”


Y’all have a nice day mah bra’s and mah sisters of the New World Order.  I hope I may stay with y’all for a while.  Greetings!

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