Funny old Comments [two] – The Mystery of the 57 States

The initial referral to 57 States in the US caused uproar and a flood of vicious reaction from Anti-Bama lobbies last year but it was clarified in these old Comments [verbatim, no editing as usual] and today everyone is happy.

 Joe Biden announced September 11, 2008 at 1:55 pm

 We all know Obama added seven States; or didn’t you know?  He brought in Iraq, Iran to represent the Middle East; Libya is in for North Africa, Liberia for West Africa, Darfur for North Central Africa, Kenya for East Africa and their new President-to-be Odinga, and Zimbabwe for Southern Africa.  They are squeezed in around Four Corners and renamed it Eleven Corners.  His friend Tony developed a huge beach-front facility which includes an International Hotel, a Magic Kingdom which makes Disneyland look dull, and a natural Spa/Casino facility on the island just two miles offshore.  Huge luxury ferryboats ply between the two facilities all day.  Great fun, go visit soon; no Passport or stupid visa requirements!  Obama said it facilitates regular visits to Iran/Iraq and he meets his cousin Odinga from Kenya every time he goes. 


 Some uneasiness remained until this [second] announcement, obviously to lure the last of the doubtful in the right direction with just four weeks to go to Election Day.  You should recognize the names [in fact Burton is still around today].  Barney [Frank] is still there too and most will remember him from the days when he headed Freddie’s Fannie, the first major [let’s call it Bond Mortgage] Institution that triggered the Worldwide Financial Crisis.


Plouffe, Pfeiffer and Burton announced October 9, 2008 at 1:47 pm

 To Barney and his Friends, and everyone else:


 Obama’s Kingdom Special: Come visit: For all Supporters

 Open Invitation 2 the Magic Kingdom of 11 Corners USAAA!

 You will find Eleven Corners in the middle of the 57 States where Four Corners used to be before Iraq. Iran. Libya, Liberia, Darfur, Kenya and Zimbabwe came in as Peace States.  Ocean Front International Hotel, yacht basin with daily cruises to Freedom Island just of the Coast.  Free Spa, no gasoline taxes [in fact, gasoline comes free with as many Darfuries, Margaritas or Kool-Aid as you want].  Balmy weather, palm lined walkways, no war, illness or strife, just love, love and more love, plus, of course, Peace for ever and all.  Come stay for free and meet Muamar Gadaffi and Cousin Odinga from Kenya [or all of them seven new friend States].  Whenever you wish!  Free Airport transit is included.  Your hosts are, of course, Emperor Obama [the great Former President of US of A] and Michelle, with regular shows by Oprah and the Clinton Duet.  Come and enjoy; home was never as good as this!

 All you have to do to qualify for your free visit is answer the following question correctly: “What is the difference between Obama 2008 and the Magic Kingdom of US of AAA?”  If you really don’t know, use this clue: [the Magic Kingdom above is for real] but don’t tell anyone that we have given you the clue!


 PS:  It worked and I have the proof.  They won the Election!


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