The BNP White Anglo-Saxon Sub Saharan African Genome Moron Debate

American Bloggers are very rarely impartial and very few readers move through “pro and anti personal choice of the reader” Blogs.  I am publishing this Post for that reason; it’s about a wild “debate” in the UK Telegraph Blogsite.  People from all over the World participate, but otherwise they do to each other what Americans do, taking the meat cleaver to the guy who dares to differ from you, as Bill Clinton would have called it.  So I decided to parody it to see what happens.

 Read the rest:

 Mister Chairman. Thank you for the opportunity to reply to my friend Shanghai and thank you to him for being short and concise in his opening statement for the Motion.  I refer to his submission in:


 I may need the allotted time to outline the questions posed by my friend.

 We agree in principle that there may be a presence of the content that he has calculated to be between 10% and 15% and we won’t argue on that.  In fact, we will not object if he should wish to increase the percentage somewhat because other scholars have indicated that they favor a slightly higher content and I refer you to a paper on that matter in:

 Who am I? Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid? [revised]

 Our concerns are the lack of other research and sources and we submit the following points for debate:

 This Sub Sahara African Genome Content [we shall refer to it as “Content” hereafter], is it in the upper or the lower part of the body, and is it on the right, the left, or in the center?

 How, where, when and under what conditions or circumstances did the White Anglo-Saxon specie obtain the balance of the person of today?

 Is this Content of a stable nature, or does in fluctuate up or down?  If it is fluctuating, please elucidate on the factors that contribute to any fluctuations that have been observed.

 Where is the prime location[s] of this Anglo-Saxon White specie where they are currently domiciled?  For instance, does the Proposer of the motion include China, Russia, Australia, the Middle East or any other Nation that he may have in mind in his definition?

 Talking definitions, will he kindly elucidate on his definition of that category as defined to enlighten all the listeners and for all of those who may participate in the debate to learn?

 Is there a specific Content of greater magnitude in BNP people that qualify them for Moron Status, and does this apply to them only, or would the Content also enhance/change/affect the Moron status of someone in, say, Canada or Japan, if the same Content is found to exist in those locations?

 If his answer to the previous question is in the affirmative, will he please supply us with details and sources of research to discuss in the debate?

 Mister Chairman, I thank you and the Proposer from Shanghai.  We on our side are happy for the matter to go to the floor whenever the Proposer is ready to start the debate.

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