Debating with my Neighbor

This is true!

 I have believed right through the whole of my adult life, as I still do now that I will be 69 years young in less than three months, that differences are constructive, educational and the best foundation for anything you want to create.  Life with “all this sameness” that many politicians preach these days would be boring in the extreme.

 But a debate must have Rules if it is to be called a debate.  You need to be tuned in to hear [and to consider] the opponent’s point of view because nobody is right all the time.

 So I will cut this story short and just tell you how it started between my neighbor and I when we moved in next door to them in 1973 and first met over the fence.

 On the first occasion we got together with a drink we discovered that we were on the outer edges of two opposing political views, but I discovered about him what he discovered about me, that we were both interested to find the truth.  We made a date and agreed that he would supply the brandy, which I didn’t have because I didn’t drink brandy then, and that I would bring the wine, of which I always had plenty because I drank a lot of it.

 We mostly met at his house because his wife liked to sit in and my wife did not want me to discuss any politics.  We started going to all the Political Party Rallies of all persuasions; we had lots of fun, and new material for our debates. 

 We never called opposing parties morons, or twits, or idiots because it is rude, and it reveals your own character; others who listen start thinking about the old “pot and kettle” squabbles when things get heated like that.  We had a lot of laughs though.

 The first highly delightful new development from our meetings was that he learned to drink a lot more wine and I acquired a taste for a fine brandy after the meal his wife served us.

 Another interesting thing that happened was that we started to work on solutions for a “middle ground” and soon found it but, sadly, I must tell you that it was, and remained, only between us.  The politicians have not changed one bit.  The old group that my neighbor supported way back is now out of power and [that I would only discover many years later] the new bunch I was hoping for in 1973 is now in power but just as lousy, they lie as much, they are as corrupt, only difference is they steal considerably more, than the old bunch.  I want nothing to do with either of them, though my neighbor today says there may be some hope for our “middle ground” solution to develop when the economy tanks.  My neighbor and I will do our part at the Voting Booths.


 My neighbor and I are still good friends because we have both left our old Parties.  I had to move geographically in the meantime but we still talk by telephone.  We have a better friendship than ever because we debated the differences and learned from them.  And I still enjoy a fine good brandy the same way I drink my Jack Daniel, the way I have taught our son who is older today than I was when I started the debates with my neighbor, how to drink a Jack Daniel.  You pour it slowly into a special whiskey glass, just one before the meal [the brandy goes into a proper brandy goblet, please, and after the meal when you have your coffee] and you sip both very slowly, rolling every small sip around and swallow gently.

 I became a Tennessee Squire in 1986 [my certificate is hanging on the wall and all my papers safely stored away to show to very special visitors] and our son is enjoying his Black Jack in sufficient quantities to follow suit.  Did you know that Frank Sinatra was one of the early Tennessee Squires?

 And finally for now: you don’t try to debate with INNIT  or Shanghai in:


Vote BNP for Genocide

Hidden Facts About Evil BNP : Part II

  I have posted the questions arising from their diatribes in an effort to get sensible and meaningful debate going.  See my Posts:

 Who am I? Where am I from? Where is my Home? And what about you, Stupid? [Revised]

 And in:

 The BNP White Anglo-Saxon Sub Saharan African Genome Moron Debate

 But my efforts were in vain to no avail.  It is plainly and painfully evident that they simply don’t understand the Art or the Rules of Debating.

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