The Third World War is on!

Two Posts in the UK Telegraph in the last few days attracted my attention.  I could have taken American Posts but I chose the UK ones because they have a broader participation from many Nations, including many Americans who seem to prefer Blogging over there.  The two Posts also display that Americans are not alone in grappling with the same problem.

 Please also note that I am not saying that anyone, either the authors or the participating Comments, are right or wrong.  Neither do I say that I support or oppose any or even any specific views in some of the contents in these articles.  I also do not single them out for the specific details under discussion in them for any particular reason because I merely selected two that came to hand for what I have wanted to say for a long time.  They are, therefore, merely random selections [though very good ones] for the purposes of my topic.  Here they are:

 Political Correctness gone wild

 The betrayal of our soldiers

 The War is on and getting heated; it’s getting out of hand in fact.  Casualties are heavy on both sides and I fear that will be an increasing trend.  Emotions are going out of control and this may be the longest lasting War ever in History; damage to Nations, Countries, Societies and the next generations may last a hundred years and I am afraid to have to say that I don’t see any solution or prospect for peace between the factions.  Too many too diametrically opposed forces are involved.

 In physical War the number of body bags often cause enough people to stop and think, and it is easier to end the carnage.

 According to the old cliché there is no winner in conventional war, but in a War with Words such as we are having in the World right now, for the Emotions of the People, for what they believe in and their right to believe in them, a War for Freedom of just being You or Me, to raise our loved ones who are young and to care for those who are old, a War where you are shot at because you have an opinion, where politicians, legislators, judiciary and prison authorities are all shooting it out, where every action invites or is perceived to invite retribution, there can not be a winner, unless Hate wins, and that seems a possibility as I read more.

 Perhaps what is needed is to ban speech and writing altogether, or grab real weapons and start a real War, which is, of course, another alternative.  Or, maybe that will be the result anyway until we run out of space for the body bags?

2 Responses to “The Third World War is on!”

  1. Baby Doll Says:

    People who are attacking Trump need to explain their opposition of Trump’s position to the families of the 14 dead citizens in California. If Trump’s policies had been in place, the shooters could not have gotten in, or back in the country and the dead citizens would be alive today. Clearly that application process is NOT working!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      I appreciate your first visit to my humble abode. Yes, I agree. This is all about what I call a War for the heart, soul and mind of what used to be America. The Trump may not be perfect but he is the only one with the guts to say what he believes. Not being a prophet, I can’t predict but if the voters don’t vote Trump this time America as we once knew it is finished.

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