Call it …. Whatever, the bottom line remains the Same!

When I wrote my Post China on the Move – Fast!, someone commented that China remains a Communist One Party State, and that reminded me to search my archives for an old Comment that intrigued me at the time. I know it is there somewhere and will let you have it as soon as I can locate it but I will meantime give you the gist of it and my Comment on that.

The original author gave his name as “African Student” but I am sure, from the way he laughed when I showed it to him, that it was probably my old friend Rip van Winkel under a pseudonym; it doesn’t matter and I have not been able to make contact with old Rip lately. He goes wandering off into the hills and comes as he goes.

If I read African Student correctly he was saying that Karl Marx’s Communist Dream assumed that there would somewhere exist an honest, benevolent, and decent Leader who would be pure of heart and in earnest intent to take his country into the Paradise that Karl Marx envisaged. When Rip and I discussed Karl Marx and the Old Russian Communist Leaders, he laughed and said: “Yeah, show me, or name one!”

Let us take a look at Capitalism [as seen by the same “African Student”] as currently practiced in Obamerica [just as an example] [seeing their claim that America was the World Leader and their President the Most Powerful Man in the World] [until that ended a few months ago in any event] and Rip said this when I showed him the African Strident Comment. It was not long before Election 2008, and Rip laughed like … well, he really laughed when he said:

“But darn, that assumes 100 guys in the US Senate plus 538 in Congress of honest intent, pure of heart and serving only for the benefit of We, the People and not for their own bank accounts.”

Then Rip really started laughing: “With an approval rating of 31% for Congress and 20% for the Senate, come on my bra, and gimme a break, will ya. Both systems favor the top 1% of We, the People and the bottom line for all others is the same, whether you call it Capitalism or Neo-Capitalism, or Communism, Neo-Communism Capitalism as in China; you can call it anything you like, my bra, it’s the same thing for We, the People, doesn’t matter what you call it. Hah, Hah, Hah!”

It startled me and I looked it up. You will find the same ratings [as Rip said], in a recent UK Telegraph survey and all over Old Capitalist America Media; it actually ranks Congress and the Senate lower than Former President Bush got for most of his time in Office, AND those rankings were the same even before he took Office, mind. Rip had that one right too.

Locate the rankings in your own favorite Media and then read African Student or whatever his real name is. I promise, I shall locate it and Post it in my Blog pretty soon.


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