Round 2: UK Telegraph against Obama, his corner fumbles it

Obama never saw the second punch because his corner fumbled [read the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing], and this is also a lesson that “if you have a weak jaw, the handlers in your corner have to know what they are doing, or you are going down.”  They simply did not know.

In 2007 in “God as Their Running Mate” Michael Kinsley [Time Sage # two after Joe Klein] wrote: “Mitt Romney wants the J.F.K. deal with voters: If you don’t hold my religion against me, I won’t impose my religion on you. But that deal made little sense in 1960 and makes no sense today” and went on to saying Romney was simply not fit for public office because he is a Mormon.  See all the dirt and the filth you can think of in Politics Obamerica in “God as their running mate” in:,9171,1659734,00.html

Less than two years later, poor Joe Klein, his man is in trouble and Finance Secretary tries to play State Secretary as well [when he is not qualified for either or neither] [part of the problem – ex Wall Street guy with a closet full of skeletons] goes shooting his mouth off about China at the precise moment that General Motors Detroit are groveling at the feet China GM for a bailout in:

America threatens trade war with China

Obama’s only solution [he has no other choice whatsoever] is to get a man fluent in Mandarin to kowtow for him, BUT this man is a Mormon too, from a family of Mormons.

 You must please understand my view on Religion.  Another man’s religion is none of my business; all I ask of my neighbor is his good manners and adherence to the laws and the established customs of the community we live in.  Otherwise and in other respects of life I think it is best if we leave each man to his choice of religion AND respect his feelings, but this time “The Time” result is amusing to say the least.

 All they can do to divert any discussion on the new Ambassador and his Mormon credentials is to blame Former President Bush and the Republicans for continuing “to be relentlessly obstructionist” in:

 Huntsman to China

 The UK Telegraph, counters with a neat delivery by publishing a full expose on the qualities of the new Ambassador to China, including his service to his Faith, the same Faith for which Time had disqualified Romney as unsuitable for public Office. See:

 Barack Obama sends 2012 election rival to China

 Brilliant Journalism, absolutely exquisite work!  The Time Rag is dead quiet for once; they dare not mention Romney or even whisper Mormon, or any other religion for that matter, because the Catholics have since hammered him on abortion.  Abortion plays a big role in American Politics and even at this late stage nobody knows what religion Obama practices, or if he even has a religion.

 Yesterday’s New World Order President is barely [desperately] hanging on to the ropes at the end of Round Two.

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