Round 3: UK Telegraph against Obama – the towel goes in

Well, it was bound to happen.  He didn’t come out; there will be the usual melodramatics of the looser; well, maybe a bit more this time because he was known as the God Champ; it’s always like that, so it won’t be really different.

Round 1: A solid punch from the UK Telegraph, Obama wobbles

Round 2: UK Telegraph against Obama, his corner fumbles it

Round Three?

There won’t be a round three.  They have thrown in the towel.  See the UK Telegraph Report in:

US steps back from trade war with China

 The fight is over.  Watch China rise to the number One spot.  And make no mistake; the handlers in that corner know their stuff.  The Former Aspirant New World Order President will be buried in Afghanistan.  His “time is about to come” and the Taliban will lead him through the last few steps.

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