More of the same from Joe the Prattler

Joe the Prattler must be looking for personal glory or his own jihad because he takes on an old hand:

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is playing with fire on two fronts,” he prattles in:

Israel’s Diversions

And then his Obamamind runs away with his emotions; all logic goes out of the window:

“The President has a big speech to the Muslim world coming in less than 2 weeks, to be delivered in Cairo. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, he has to say about Israel’s illegal settlement-building. And it will be interesting to see how the Obama Administration approaches Iran in the weeks that follow its June elections.”

Those teleprompter guys and the speechwriters will be up way past midnight when Michelle and the little ones have all gone to bed, but at least Joe is giving it a good shot.  Whether Iran will be impressed by a speech is, of course, another matter altogether.  With the World President having alienated Canada and the British Banks in the last two weeks I should think he does need some friends by now.  If he can woo Iran with a speech it may be worth a try after all.

I often wonder who is trying to be World President.  Is it Obama or is it Joe the Prattler?

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