A Moral Crusade or more of the same Obamalogic

Or is it a jump-start for the kick-off to Campaign 2012?

Whatever it is, it defies reality! So please folks, read this as farce, satire, parody or whatever you wish as long as you don’t loose any sleep over it.

The President of Obamerica is on a Moral Crusade to “reclaim American Values” as [wait for it] “inculcated in me by my Mother.” Wow!

Please note that I refer to the President of Obamerica [also known as Barack’s America – so designated by Veep Joe of the tender loins] of the 58 States and do not confuse that with America of the fifty States. That is a different land, and a stable land. They are having a temporary problem to cope with the fallout from atmospheric pollution following the outbreak of Obamacitis 2008 but they are still sound and will prevail again. You bet 46% of the vote is nothing to snicker at.

I call on all Citizens of the New World Order to join me on a journey to look at the foundation of these inculcated moral values. Remember that no other Nation can escape this matter. No previous President of America of the 50 States ever claimed or indicated that they wanted to be anything more than just being President of the USA [they mostly stayed at home too and attended to their internal affairs] but the Globetrotting fellow leading the charge now is about to take your country over too, no matter where you live. So please, it is not only a matter of concern to Americans. He is your New World Order President wherever you are.

The moral values [and ethics] he refers to is mostly set out in his book Dreams from my Father that he published somewhere around 1997 and in which he deals mainly with the mechanisms employed by shady characters in the Liberanarchist Chicago underground to make a President, but he does refer to his mother a few times although it’s all very sketchy. You really have to read between the lines to find any meat for the story on the current development of moral values. Don’t worry much about this because everything about the man, and his mother and his father, are very sketchy.

As you read on you will have to make some notes of dates [record them as you battle along] to determine the time when he was educated on these moral values but I work it out [from his book] that the great lessons must have been given to him when he was a young boy of about six, or seven at the most, and by which time his mother and he went under the name of Sutoro, living in Indonesia. By then Father Obama had long gone and young Barry [as he was later called] never saw the father again except for a few brief moments much later.

The mother then packed young Barry off to Hawaii when he was about seven and he didn’t see much of her either after that. There was not much news of Barry either but he became a dope user and vagabond until he surfaced as a shady lawyer for the “underprivileged” in the dark alleys of Chicago.

So all we have to go on is what is known of the mother who inculcated him so faithfully into American Values way back when he was, say, six years old and living with Daddy Sutoro in Indonesia.

Let me just briefly mention my views on parents and children because what follows after this will need clarification on a very important point regarding the relationship between parents and children. Here goes. I do not believe that it is fair to “visit the sins of the fathers on the children” and I believe that it is, in fact, unfair to do that, but unfortunately a child does sometimes suffer for the consequences of the sins of the father. All such a child can do is to work harder in order to be a better person than the sinning father. That he must do because if he does not he becomes like the father but the responsibility to change his fate rests on the choices of the child in his own life as he grows. Perhaps it is a heavy burden, but it is life.

The Father in this case had long since gone back to Native Kenya where he was some minor official in every new change in the Ruling Tribal mess that has been part of Africa since about the time when Freedom hit Africa like a tidal wave. Interesting information from that era fifty years ago can be obtained from two sources that I shall mention.

First read the beautiful trilogy [Advise and Consent written in 1959 and later filmed, followed by Capable of Honor and concluded by Preserve and Protect] by American Author Alan Drury. You won’t find any better description or a more graphic illustration of Freedom in Africa anywhere for the simple reason that nobody produced much literature from Africa in those troubled times [it was all long before Robert Mugabe stepped in and you know what has happened in his land], but Drury was excellent in his depiction of a newly formed Free Country that he called Gorotoland. I think it should be compulsory reading for any State Secretary and State Department employee in America, and for all and everybody involved in the 1001 International Human Aid organizations that are flourishing around the Globe at present.

The other source is a book with the title ‘Britannia waives the Rules’ written by one AT Culwick and first published in 1963. It deals specifically with Kenya in the period from just before President JFK won the Presidency and his first year in Office and you will remember it was during the reign of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of the UK 1957 TO 1963. The book was made off “as of minor interest” by the large media at the time because it was not quite politically correct but I assure you it is a fine read including lots of humor and some real home-truths from the author who had spent his life in Kenya for the British Colonial Service. You will still find it at specialty bookstores in the UK. I read the first edition at the time and then lost the book as it always happens when you are stupid enough to “lend a book to your friend” but I have found a used one in very good condition from one of these stores for about five UK pounds just in the past week. It is right here next to my elbow at the keyboard.

Anyway, to complete the narrative on the father who had returned to his native Kenya; he continued having more children with a bunch of wives and concubines, suffered and rose through various new Tribal Rulers while he became more despondent and eventually gave himself over to liquor. He died in a car crash when he was drunk. That is also a long time ago.

Thus we must now go on to what we know of the mother.

And what we find from the sketchy details is a young woman who had abandoned all authority by the time she was seventeen. She had indeed rejected all prevailing customs, and the rules that customs and traditions prescribed at the time. Talk about prevailing values? She had abandoned them all and later rejected her own Country and came to a mysterious end somewhere. The young man in question did not know where she died, how she died and did not even attend the funeral. Long after her death mention is made of a doctorate degree that the tragic figure had obtained but no records or papers seem to be available.

There you have it. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THESE THINGS. But I am a little skeptical about a Moral Crusade by someone with his eye on the World Presidency using moral issues for an early jump-start when the next race for the US White House is only scheduled to start in about a year or, maybe, eighteen months from now. The British and many others are known for quick and short Electioneering. America on the other hand has always dragged it out over two years and it seems like Obamerica will make it an ongoing process.

What [whose] moral values are we talking about? It should concern every Citizen of the New World Order. You be the judge.

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