Aunt Becky’s cough Remedy

Grandma lives with a cousin who has email service. Aunt Becky lives with another cousin who also has email but in another town far away. Everyone remains in touch through the email cousins.

Email from Grandma’s side:

Hallo Aunt Becky, Grandma says to send her regards but she isn’t feeling very well. She has a bad cough. And it’s cold. It rains every day.

Email from the cousin at Aunt Becky’s side:

Hallo Cousin, I am sorry to hear about Grandma’s cough but I have a good remedy that always works. …. [She adds the details: some honey, with cinnamon and hot water etc. Aunt Becky has a cure for everything].

Reply email to Aunt Becky:

Hallo Aunt Becky. We received the email and Grandma says to tell you she must try anything because the cough is real bad. We have the honey but we are out of cinnamon. Can you email us some so we can get it into Grandma right away? It has been raining here for a week and the roads are all too wet to travel.

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