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Round 1: A solid punch from the UK Telegraph, Obama wobbles

May 20, 2009

The two articles I present to you are examples of lousy journalism [in this instance Time Warner’s Swampland – what journalism should not be] and professional journalism [by the UK Telegraph – what good journalism is].

 Let me hasten to explain [hopefully one last time] that I differentiate between “Old” America, the land of the 46% and 50 States [you guys will prevail; I admire and respect you] and Obamerica [or as Joe Biden called it Barack’s America], the land of Liberanarchism and the 58 States.

 The Time Rag comes out, ever and still not aware that Campaign 2008 has ended, still fighting Former President Bush who didn’t even run in that Election, to proclaim the newest wisdom of their boy child candidate in:

 Huntsman to China

 It took one punch from the UK Telegraph [must say it was a good right-hander aimed straight for the jawbone] that left him shaking in the knees:

 It’s time for Barack Obama to end the campaigning

 Read it all; I quote a small excerpt from one line: “Timothy Geithner, the treasury secretary, needs quickly to improve or be replaced.“

 Good Journalism!  Well done!  It also demonstrates beyond any doubt that “gallant little England” [forgive the description you blokes, because it is with my affection for the British – I have a daughter there, you know, and almost half her class of ’98 – we all say thank you!], well it shows that gallant little England is still there, and fighting.  Jolly Good show, I’d say.  Up the ‘ammers for [ouch, your choice] in the coming Election!

Dogs Welcome [the original]

May 19, 2009

I explained to the kind visitors who commented on my Post Dogs are Welcome that I had received it by email.  It was just addressed to all pet-lovers and I decided to give it the name I did for my Post.

 Since then, however, I have found that the original [or what was probably the original] first circulated more than two years ago and I found the site:

 Dogs Welcome by a lovely person called Sandee.  Her story is a lot better than mine and her site is a pleasure to visit.  Do yourself a favour.

Dogs are Welcome

May 18, 2009

The hotel receives a letter:

Dear Owner

I received your brochure and it seems that you have a nice place.

Do you accept dogs? Do you have nice accommodation for dogs? I can only visit if you provide good care for my dog.

Pet Lover

He gets a letter back:

Dear Pet Lover

Of course we accept dogs. They are most welcome.

I should tell you, dear sir, that in my more than thirty years in this business no dog has never disappointed me. A dog has ever barked at my restaurant staff at the slightest whim; no dog has ever got himself drunk in the bar and broken our very expensive glasses; no dog has ever picked a fight with one of my other guests.

You should also note that no dog has ever stolen our bathrobes, towels or clothes hangers; I have never lost a pillowcase to them and no dog has ever carried our toilet paper and tissues away. So we are happy to accommodate your dog.

And, dear sir, if you display the same good manners as dogs you are most welcome to accompany your animal when he visits.

Yours truly

Hotel Owner

Call it …. Whatever, the bottom line remains the Same!

May 18, 2009

When I wrote my Post China on the Move – Fast!, someone commented that China remains a Communist One Party State, and that reminded me to search my archives for an old Comment that intrigued me at the time. I know it is there somewhere and will let you have it as soon as I can locate it but I will meantime give you the gist of it and my Comment on that.

The original author gave his name as “African Student” but I am sure, from the way he laughed when I showed it to him, that it was probably my old friend Rip van Winkel under a pseudonym; it doesn’t matter and I have not been able to make contact with old Rip lately. He goes wandering off into the hills and comes as he goes.

If I read African Student correctly he was saying that Karl Marx’s Communist Dream assumed that there would somewhere exist an honest, benevolent, and decent Leader who would be pure of heart and in earnest intent to take his country into the Paradise that Karl Marx envisaged. When Rip and I discussed Karl Marx and the Old Russian Communist Leaders, he laughed and said: “Yeah, show me, or name one!”

Let us take a look at Capitalism [as seen by the same “African Student”] as currently practiced in Obamerica [just as an example] [seeing their claim that America was the World Leader and their President the Most Powerful Man in the World] [until that ended a few months ago in any event] and Rip said this when I showed him the African Strident Comment. It was not long before Election 2008, and Rip laughed like … well, he really laughed when he said:

“But darn, that assumes 100 guys in the US Senate plus 538 in Congress of honest intent, pure of heart and serving only for the benefit of We, the People and not for their own bank accounts.”

Then Rip really started laughing: “With an approval rating of 31% for Congress and 20% for the Senate, come on my bra, and gimme a break, will ya. Both systems favor the top 1% of We, the People and the bottom line for all others is the same, whether you call it Capitalism or Neo-Capitalism, or Communism, Neo-Communism Capitalism as in China; you can call it anything you like, my bra, it’s the same thing for We, the People, doesn’t matter what you call it. Hah, Hah, Hah!”

It startled me and I looked it up. You will find the same ratings [as Rip said], in a recent UK Telegraph survey and all over Old Capitalist America Media; it actually ranks Congress and the Senate lower than Former President Bush got for most of his time in Office, AND those rankings were the same even before he took Office, mind. Rip had that one right too.

Locate the rankings in your own favorite Media and then read African Student or whatever his real name is. I promise, I shall locate it and Post it in my Blog pretty soon.

Behold the New World Order!

May 17, 2009

BamassiahI shall Remake everything and on the 73rd Day I shall rest. It is for me to Command and you shall obey!

Grandpa’s Hearing Aid

May 16, 2009

The old fellow’s hearing had diminished to almost nothing but the children and the grandchildren’s pleas to get a hearing aid fell “on his old deaf ears” so to speak.  He had been learning to lip-read though and got on well enough.

One day everyone complained about the neighbor’s dog that had howled at the moon all night.  They were all in a bad mood and after they had shouted at the top of their voices ole Grandpa finally seemed to understand because he said:

“What dog, I heard no dog bark.”

That convinced them, so they stopped whispering whenever they wanted to discuss something they didn’t want him to hear anyway.  Old Grandpa was not stupid and continued to study his lip-reading.

Then one day he came across a small add in the Newspaper and he smiled.  The address was not far and he didn’t tell anyone.  All he said was that he was going to take the bus to the City Park and watch the goings-on in the Park.

This new specialist tested his eyes, his nose length and everything; then he measured the width of his forehead, his cheekbones and the exact width between the ears outside and inside with fine little wires and instruments.  Then he opened and closed some drawers taking out tiny little objects and fiddled with them on his desk pad until he held two small little capsules in his hand and beckoned to the old guy to read something he started to write on a piece of paper.  It said:

“I am going to put these two small things into your ears and then we will be able to talk.  Just don’t talk loud the first word you speak to me.”

Old Grandpa nodded and the specialist fiddled around in his ears, then stepped back to the other side of the room and showed the old guy with his finger over his lips not to say anything.

“Do you have a dog, old Sir?  Answer me very softly,” he said.

“Of course, I have old Bo; been with me sixteen years, but the children say he’s as deaf as I am,” when it hit him, and he was about to shout when the specialist said very gently: “Don’t shout, just take it real easy.”

“Does old Bo bark at night?” he asked, and talk normal now.”

Ole Grandpa did, grinning from ear to ear and said: “No, ole Bo an me we understand each other.  We share a room and we don’t wake up until morning.”

So, I shall cut it short.  The specialist took the two capsules out and fiddled on them a few times, tested it from various corners of the room until he was satisfied: he charged a very modest fee and Grandpa left.  The specialist told him to go easy and to come back for any necessary adjustment in three months.  Nobody could even see anything in his ears and he had a special day in the park.  It was just great.

Three months later he was back.  The specialist whispered from all the corners of the room and from behind his back.  Everything was perfect and he merely had to adjust the fit in one ear.

“This won’t cost you anything, old Sir and the small batteries will charge with your body heat.  I bet your family must be extremely happy now.  From now on you only have to come and see me whenever you feel it is necessary to make a small adjustment in the fit, but I am sure you will be OK for a long time.  Give my regards to the family.”

“I haven’t told them anything yet.”

The specialist was amazed.

“But why not?”

“Doc, you see it’s like this.  I had become pretty good at lip-reading but when they sometimes turned their backs on me and whispered to each other I, of course, couldn’t lip-read and that worried me.  Now I can hear them whispering in the passage, and I am now on my way to my solicitor for the sixth time these past three months.”

“What,” he started then stopped and smiled.

“You see, doc, the other thing is I happen to be fairly well-off, stocks and shares and things, and some money with three different banks, some patches of vacant land in Arkansas near Whitewater, so, you know, and them whispering, I am changing my will again today, for the sixth time since you,” he was trying to find the right word, “well, I sort of say ‘since you gave me my ears back’ and I ain’t telling anyone who my solicitor is or even whether I have one.  But I have told them I am getting on well with my lip-reading and showed them the book I learned it from.  They do most of their whispering in the passage now.”

China on the Move. Fast!

May 16, 2009

Nobody has to tell anyone where China is or what China stands for in the World, so I will only tell you a few things that they don’t do in China:

They don’t talk much and never threaten anyone.  They don’t interfere in politics or governments of other Nations; they don’t prescribe to anyone.  They do not bother with Peace Conferences, or Human Rights Conferences, Labor Conferences, or Green Earth Conferences.  In short, they don’t bother with Conferences or Speechmakers and Teleprompter machines.

They don’t believe in Labor Laws, Genetic Minority Protection Laws or the right to Peaceful Protest Laws.  They have no need to make stupid laws to make lawyers rich when suing Pete for five hundred million dollars on behalf of Peter about a silly joke in the local pub.  They have no need for laws in language disputes, race, gender or skin color disputes because China is the largest homogeneous Nation is the World and every Chinese is …. well, simply a Chinese.

They have no Right to go on Strike Laws or Labor Dispute Laws.  They don’t believe in Socialism or endless discussions on Evolution or any of the other nonsense that many other governments, do-gooders, Liberalists and Liberanarchists waste their time on in much of the “Free World” while their economies go bang.

They don’t ask for International Aid, and they give no International Aid because they don’t believe in it.  They will say: “Well, President Bob, you want that new coal electricity plant, we will help you to put it up, we will help and teach you how to manage it, we will help and train your guys to maintain the equipment, no no, don’t mention politics, we are not interested in that.  The cost will [we shall do the calculations and let you know] but it will be so much up front and the balance over so many years.  And we expect you to show us the color of your money right away.

Robert Mugabe got his power station.  South Africa has just sold its whole government stake in the National Media arm of the National Telecommunications Monopoly to China.  You see proud confident-looking young Chinese engineers, architects, designers and specialists on new construction sites all over Africa.  Same terms.

They have installed, yes there is one thing they have changed, a nice old-fashioned Capitalistic System and chucked the other stuff out because it wasn’t working, as it has never worked in any other place ever.  China and Chinese, unbelievably true, still believe in the old ethic called Work.

You don’t believe me?  You think this is a joke?  Well, I am amazed.  Here take this, read it and explain to me why General Motors China is making handsome profits while General Motors in Barack’s America are now groveling, begging China to help them out in Detroit Obamerica?,9171,1896626,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

The foregoing applies to Obamerica, please note, not to the old America, my America, the 46% 50 States Land I came to admire and respect; they are having some difficult times right now but they will get through it and prevail.  They will Rule again and be that Land once more that you know you can rely on when the chips are down.  You watch, you bet they will!

Obamerica, the land of 58 States?  Aaaagh!  As of right now, China is on the Move, and Fast!

It’s Official. He is God!

May 16, 2009

Have you seen this, courtesy of the UK Telegraph?

Obama is God and He will remake America into a whole new Country called Obamerica with 58 States [what Joe Biden once called Barack’s America] and because He can “multi task” He will remake the whole New World in between, all in 72 days [says so Himself] and rest on the 73rd Day.

Barack Obama takes up comedy at White House

And he will eat what he wants to eat, where he wants to eat it and whenever he wants to.  Al Gore will fight for a Green Planet and turn the aircon in his Mansion off.  God will have himself driven in six limos with enough space for security agents and Joe, because and after all He made it, didn’t He?

Barack Obama takes motorcade on trip to satisfy fast food craving

Great Journalism in, wait for it guys, the good old UK Telegraph.  Isn’t that just great?

Open Letter to President Obama

May 12, 2009


Have Passport; will Travel!


The Honorable President Obama, Sir

Astounding information that may just be rumors but are claimed to be facts are circulating the Globe.

The Human Events Group is no small gossip shop.  They are big, Sir!  Hence I find that I am disturbed and surprised by the information contained in their Newsletter dated May 03, 2009.  I quote verbatim:

Ohio, Mississippi, Hawaii, and California! These are the states where USJF has been involved in lawsuits seeking an answer to the critical constitutional question!

And now in California, just like in every lawsuit filed over this issue, the Obama team of attorneys, working with liberal allies in the office of the California Attorney General’s Office, has convinced a Sacramento County Superior Court judge to dismiss USJF’s suit to force the truth to come out about whether Barack Obama is a “natural born” citizen, and therefore eligible to serve as President of the United States.”


“If Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, WHY doesn’t he just make his real birth certificate public? WHY has he spent a reported $800,000.00 in attorney fees to fight efforts to obtain his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The more that he fights these efforts to see it, the more you have to wonder, WHY?”


“USJF had subpoenaed the records of Barack Hussein Obama from Occidental College in California, but, at the hearing on March 13, 2009, the Judge, in Sacramento County Superior Court in California, blocked USJF from obtaining those critical records.”

President Obama, Sir, I heard you numerous times in you many speeches saying “The time has come” or “America, your time has come” and I now suggest that the time [your time] has come to tell the World why you are spending so much time, effort and money to block access to the university attendance records of your Father and your Mother in the period around the date on the computer birth certificate that you say is proof of your birth date in Hawaii.

It is easy Mr. President. Sir.  You are an accomplished speaker; all you have to say is “Well, I have nothing to hide, so I hereby authorize the University Authorities to make the relevant information available to the public.”

From an ordinary World Citizen

Also hot linked directly into Time Warner, CNN and their Swampland Blogsite at:

Obama Seizes The 100 Day News Cycle

Time is a Nutshell [quite funny!]

May 10, 2009

The mighty Time Magazine at last displayed some mirth although it is only their version of the real thing.

Ever for Obama and holding all thumbs, toes and breathing ever so carefully not to cause any disturbance to let the poor guy fall of the Time pedestal they lamented the fact that a young fellow called Moot was again voted:

The World’s Most Influential Person Is…,8599,1894028,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Of course they use the opportunity to say “above and over” other important names …. well …. such as …. Obama …. and, and …. , because they have to maintain the image.  The Rag simply cannot accept the fact that their man has finally managed to achieve what nobody ever dreamt possible, to surrender the Number One Nation status and the Most Powerful Position in the World status that once upon a time shaped the type of American who could talk about Manifest Destiny.

It is sad for America, and for some in the rest of the World too I guess, though many won’t admit it, but the power cycle in the World has changed.  America is on the downhill; lead by a young novice who cannot decide whether he wants to be a rock star or the World’s most popular wimp.  I observe an ongoing internal War of some magnitude to see how fast America can self-destruct.  On top of the pile of warring factions you have Obama who is still fighting GW Bush, oblivious of the fact that he actually did win the Election and that the time has come for him to govern as President of the United States.

The entire power game has changed; it has not completed the cycle yet where we can see what form it will take, but the glory days of America are over while “We, the People Americans” are desperately clawing at each other in an internal Big War about who is going to be in charge of America.  Who will prevail; “Men of Manifest Destiny, or will it be Hollywood and Oprah?”

When I posted my first article on Cycles/Circles I came under some fire.  That’s OK by me.  I am not a prophet in a day when even prophets are wrong; so I won’t offer a prophecy on who will take over the World Leadership now that America has gone.  But I am beginning to pin my hopes on China to say “you all with all your political correctness can go jump” while America and Time, ponder the amazing achievement of Moot, “the most influential person in the World” according to the Time Rag.

If you don’t want to believe me, well Time printed the garbage; at least don’t blame me for it.