Obama ducks a massive hook from Associated Press

See “The Limits of Empathy for Sonia Sotomayor, by Christopher Caldwell” and note the punch:

“Obama has an unfortunate tendency to conflate personality and principle. “I stand here today as someone whose own life was made possible by these documents,” he said during his national-security speech at the National Archives in May. As if there were any American for whom that is not true. Or as if ethnic minorities can make that claim more plausibly than other Americans?” Ouch, that must have hurt!

“As if” [my choice of their words] that didn’t hurt more than toothache already, Caldwell then rips into the Supreme Court Justice nominee and spares no punches. Read the whole article:


Hotlinks are provided at the bottom of the article to two others if you wish to read more.

Obama has a glass jaw and has so far avoided being hit by dancing around outside the ring or making speeches from his dressing room but if the big guys like AP start gunning for him his corner may find it difficult to protect the young challenger. Sooner or later he will have to enter the ring and slug it out with the men. Benjamin Netanyahu, North Korea, an assortment of Taliban’s and of course, Russia’s Putin, to name but a few are all streetwise fighters with an arsenal of punches to each of them.

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