China on the move [Part Two]

This week in World Media Headlines:

Israel dismisses demand for end to settlement building

Israel has dismissed an unequivocal US demand to stop building Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory, putting it on course for a direct confrontation with its most important ally and sponsor.

Russia to Gays: Get Back into the Closet,8599,1899340,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly

By Marina Kamenev / Moscow

Gay activists try to turn the Eurovision extravaganza into an opportunity to press for rights. But Moscow does not believe in pride parades.  Obama meantime makes it one of his top priorities to marry them and nominates  “humanity concerned” for Supreme Court Justice, resulting in more diversions from the Economic Ails in Obamerica.

As if that is not enough diversion from priorities Swampland calls Israel’s Diversions as the problem and flies into Israel saying “Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is playing with fire on two fronts.

Barack Obama says US must lead by example they say.

President Barack Obama has stated that the United States should not lecture other countries on good governance, arguing that it should lead by example to encourage the development of “universal principles” such as freedom of speech and worship.

Meanwhile China is leading with the Wallet.  Wal-Mart, once the small family business of Mister Sam Walton from Bentonville AR grown into the biggest Retailer in the World is selling goods made in China.  AND the big one of the week:

The GM Hummer is going to China:

No wonder this American Blogger is poking fun at the boy child World President!

New Cycles and/or Circles in the Affairs of Nations and Countries are evolving but Obamerica of the 58 States are making speeches in Egypt and are falling further behind in the leadership stakes.

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