A philosophical summation of a third world war

By courtesy of the shared philosophies of Rip van Winkel

The use of lower case letters in the headline is intentional. I will come to the reason soon and I only want to add that I won’t quote any research sources because there is none. These thoughts are based on the philosophies of one man. It does not intend to prove or to disprove the old worn cliché that “history repeats itself” because history does not do that. You may criticize that statement if you wish but it remains my view that for this time there is nothing in the past to repeat, not in discussions on this topic anyway.

There will be no need for a Third world war [please note the higher or lower case from now on] with conventional armaments or with nukes. This War is for the minds of the people and it has been going on for quite a while. It is not far from the end and the Third World has won.

Maybe there will be a few skirmishes with nukes [North Korea, maybe, and Iran, who knows] but the Third world wide war is coming to a conclusion. The previous two World Wars left a legacy of movie opportunities and Hollywood prospered on many versions of Old Glory. On this war there won’t be any movies. Hollywood has been part of the War and they have won. It will be over when America surrenders, and that won’t be long now. In fact, they have virtually done so this week, and America will become part of the Third World.

Will it be that the victor will reap the spoils as the saying goes? I won’t bet on any victors. Countries and Nations will have to, or probably will, turn inwards and protect their own borders. Israel will fight for hers. America will probably end up ungovernable and China together with Russia’s Putin will rule through money. China will be there because it is strong and Russia will grow as oil prices spiral upwards again. Australia will be the bulwark in her own Hemisphere because Australia doesn’t kow-tow to anyone. Canada will do nothing because she is attached to America and everything that happens to America will rub off on her. Otherwise nothing much will change.

Who will pay?

Of course someone will have to pay. Maybe it will be the future generations. My guess is it will be the masses, all We the People so to speak. Who cares anyway? There will be more Peace Conferences and speeches, of course, and much noise about the Planet and Green Earth, all the usual nonsense. But that will change nothing either. We will all be the same [that is after all what the Third World War is all about] and we shall get what we deserve.



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