Building Bridges, Burning Others – An incredible Journey [Update for Swampland]

The Journey starts:

 Obama’s New Global Vision: It’s Beginning to Happen

 Obama Too Is An American Exceptionalist

 Early Problems:

 TIME Blogs$n/time13-19

More Bleating From the Neoconservatives



Where most rational observers saw Barack Obama’s foreign trip as a significant U.S. triumph, Charles Krauthammer, the ultimate bleating-heart neoconservative, sees decline and weakness.

 But there is a solution:

 The Obama Speech

 More Problems:

 Democrats Grandstanding

By Joe Klein

This is not the moment to convey weakness or division.

 Good Progress:

 Obama Seizes The 100 Day News Cycle

 But more Problems:

 Israel’s Diversions

by Joe Klein

 And criticism from elsewhere:

 Bin Laden says Obama is ‘planting seeds of hate’

Osama bin Laden has said that President Barack Obama has planted the seeds of “revenge and hatred” towards the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences.

03 Jun 2009

 Bin Laden overshadows Obama trip to Middle East

President Barack Obama’s arrival in the Middle East to build a better US relationship with the Muslim world has been overshadowed by the release of a new tape from Osama bin Laden.

03 Jun 2009

 And some ridicule:

 UK Telegraph

Hot dog diplomacy: US woos Iranian diplomats with July 4 barbecues

 Washington’s latest move to woo Iran comes in the form of an invitation to the most American of celebrations: the July 4 picnic.

03 Jun 2009

 Some serious flip-flopping and double speak:

 Obama In Dresden

Posted by michaelscherer

Sometimes location is everything. Other times, it’s just a convenient place to spend the night. My story is here.

Obama in Dresden: the Non-Controversy Controversy

On both sides of the Atlantic, much has been made of Barack Obama’s decision to spend the night in Dresden,8599,1903033,00.html

Barack Obama’s New World Order,8599,1889512,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-bottom

 But Joe the Believer is seeing Victory in a Speech.  A speech from a certain person always leaves Joe in awesome wonder:

 The Speech

By Joe Klein

 Others are not so optimistic:

 Obama in Dresden, Germany: the Noncontroversy Controversy


 Meanwhile Obama is reported as being Home Abroad while some Americans are saying he should be At Home and not Abroad, but still others are saying: Good let him stay Abroad.  It will save America.

 Indeed a strange affair and a strange Journey.  The World is watching!

 This Post previously ended with the previous sentence but a comment by rmrd has called upon me to update the Post for his benefit for publishing in:

 The Voice of the GOP


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