More of the same and no change in sight

There is a somber atmosphere at CNN/Time Warner/Swampland tonight.

They have had such high hopes for an International President to prove that all peoples of the World are the same; they have hoped for one race, one genome, one grand design and for ONE purpose in the entire New World order when they wrote:

President Obama: At Home Abroad,8599,1890254,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-sidebar

They were sure hoping that their glory would be manifested for the entire World to observe and honor their King.  Unfortunately it turned out Obama was more at home ABROAD that at home AT HOME and the grumblings started.

Then the silly China!  So brash, so obstructionist, working with Sarah Palin for the next campaign to fake an image of a Time Cover in China; it was so vile; it was terrible.  See:

ObaMao on the (Fake) Cover of TIME

And they were in the darkest hole of doom and gloom when word came that there is trouble in Iran.  You must read the frantic concern amongst their Believers in the following Blog:

View From Tehran

In fact, it looks gloomier by the hour.  Joe Klein, the Great Joe Klein, the Greatest Joe Klein of All Time, has not reported in from Tehran over the past weekend.  Spare a thought for Time Warner/CNN/Swampland tonight no matter what you might think of their brand of negative journalism.

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