If this be Journalism

Poor young man, not even five months in the White House and he has to cope with children running foreign affairs at Time Warner who are supposed to build his Foreign Credentials.  He won’t need enemies in Europe after this.

The Berlusconi Thing Comes To The White House


You don’t use language like this at Berlusconi and get away with it, not in Europe.  And now they lament their lack of influence in Iran.  What did they expect?

Obama Aide on Iran: “It’s not about us”


This one is a real eye-opener:



You will find a photo in there; the photo and caption title is courtesy of the Fox Nation and yahoo.

“U.S first lady Michelle Obama and France’s First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy attend a ceremony to mark the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in

No wonder the President had to step in to do some damage control:

Barack Obama, Stop Ruining My Marriage

By Sean Gregory Monday, Jun. 08, 2009


First dance
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama dance together at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball as Beyoncé Knowles, right, looks on

Obama’s handlers will have to learn that if you start a war with the old hands in Europe you have to expect them throwing everything back at you.  They are not President Bush and they owe no allegiances to a junior politician from Chicago.

2 Responses to “If this be Journalism”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    They’re going to kick Obama in the rear as they have no reason to respect a man who does not respect his own. Not to mention, he’s a total idiot and definitely not fit to wear GWB II’s shoes.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Lady BD

      You will note from the date of the Post that it was done quite a while ago when I was still struggling to establish my Blog.

      But I have always had a problem with the large Media and what they call journalism. They “created” Obama because he was money to them: though he lapped it up he is really just a “captive pawn” because of his own ego although he may not wish to acknowledge it. On the other hand, perhaps and therefore, one should not criticize him to severely for all his blunders.

      I subscribe to Time and if you read them over the last two years you will find a noticeable change has already started in their reporting. They will just as easy dump him when he can no longer bow to them and produce the money that they intend to make out of him while the going is good.

      It’s all about money to them. “We the People” don’t exist in their World, except when we buy so that they make more. Why do they all have Electronic Pages? To serve “We the People” is what they say, yes, but the real reason is that modern young people don’t buy the printed stuff and advertising revenue was drying up. So, out came the Electronic Media and what a money spinner that has become with all the idiots like yours truly [that’s me] at last getting a chance to say something in “print.”

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