Lagos Nigeria in Darkness

The Government owned South African Broadcasting Corporation broadcast this report early Tuesday morning June 23, 2009.

It reported Nigeria as the biggest African Producer of crude oil and the 6th largest in the world.  Corruption, maladministration and lack of forward planning were given as the reasons for a near total collapse in electricity supplies.

It maybe needs to be added that the News Vendor, South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC for short] is currently having internal turmoil for which large-scale corruption; nepotism, favoritism and lack of forward planning are given as the reasons.

The Board has accumulated a debt of billions that they don’t seem able to pay; senior Board Members started resigning en masse a few weeks ago and the remainder of the Board was to appear before a Parliamentary Committee Hearing last night to explain.

The SABC represents the bulk of all News distribution in South Africa and abroad.  An “impregnable steel” set of laws prevents participation by Private Enterprise in News dissemination to leave the SABC with a virtual monopoly in News and broadcasting.  Board Members are Government appointed, which means the ANC can choose in view of their virtual two thirds majority in the National Government.


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