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I thought I heard a noise

July 23, 2009

I remember I was sleeping fitfully with all that is on my brain when I heard this strange sound like a big bang reverberating through the universe two nights ago.

Well, here it is:

Jupiter hit by Earth-sized object

The planet Jupiter has been struck by a large object – possibly a stray comet or a block of ice – which has left a dent the size of the Earth in its gaseous atmosphere, NASA officials said.

21 Jul 2009

Shucks the darn thing just missed us!

Obama challenges Gadaffi in race for the Presidency of the USA

July 16, 2009

Did you know that Gadaffi has been trying to establish his own USA, calling it the United States of Africa?  He made it plain that he wants control of defense, currency and International Affairs and they gave him the cold shoulder when the bunch met up north recently.  But the joke is getting better by the day.  Now Obama is challenging Gadaffi to make even more history to head both Continents.  Read it all:

Everyone with the least bit of knowledge about Africa and Europe will tell you that Berlusconi and Sarkozy are amused, the British are pulling their noses up, German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks bemused, the Iranians know that they have him in their pockets, Putin and China have the purse strings and they are sitting pretty, AND NOW Africa is laughing in his face.  Gadaffi is wearing a big smirk.

What a sight for a Nation that occupied number ONE place in the World a year ago.  Even the Time Rag has now moved the once proud Nation down to the number 5 spot, and sliding.

Let Someone Else Buy – TIME,9171,1908436,00.html

I must as always point out regarding any references to USA above, that I refer to Barack’s America as Joe Biden once called it [of the 58 States, you know]; they are beyond redemption, a very strange caboodle indeed and not to be confused with Old America of the 50 States.  The latter is going through trying times right now but they will get out of it, you bet.

Cry America.

Insulting a Baboon

July 12, 2009

Sleep eluded me and I got up; found the reason too.  Here it is:

The Dresden Zoo has been forced to rename a baby baboon called Obama after facing accusations of racial insensitivity, according to a report.

Dresden zoo forced to rename primate called ‘Obama’

How can anybody be so insensitive?  The baboon is from a noble race that is being forced to live off his wits and an innate desire to survive in an ever-shrinking space because of human greed.  He is being forced to survive on the odd pumpkin or cob of corn that he can forage.  Every day is a battle for mere survival, risking his life for a little food, and to feed his young ones.

To name one of them Obama, or the name of any other third-grade politician, of any race, creed or color, is an insult to the noble baboon.

Germany should apologize to the baboon race and pay compensation!

I am going back to bed because I can’t take this any longer.