Two tongue in cheek Questions

Two Blogs recently attracted attention in the UK Telegraph.  One covers America versus China in World Trade and the other one examines the pros and cons, and the chaos, emanating from the EEC.

EU facade could crumble on back of crisis

Opening Shots

Do read both the Blogs and the Comments.

Regional Trade Agreements are not new phenomena; America has its NAFTA with Canada and Japan enjoyed “preferential trade status” with America for years; Gadaffi gets beaten down regularly on his African Dream of an AEC to beat the dollar.

The EU of recent times however, has a lot in common with the old USSR system where political ties and “Central Governments” became subject to the political will of the predominant country.  This is not the case with NAFTA.

Two Questions:

Name the country that virtually controls the price structure and supply of steel in the World.  We are talking about the finished end product, not the raw ore.

Name the two countries that are about [signing is expected any day now] that will merge interests to establish the third-largest telecommunications conglomerate in the World.

Well, let’s throw a third question in while we are at it:

What was the primary catalyst for the American Independence War?  You have an easy multiple-choice answer; name the correct one from:

Trade Control, Freedom and/or Liberty, Human Rights, Democracy, or was it Capitalism versus Socialism?  Name only one.

Go for it!

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