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An American Halloween Story

October 27, 2009

This is great fun because I picked it up, courtesy of an American Blogger, in a Blog in the UK Telegraph Blogsite and quote verbatim with [I am sure] his permission, seeing he is from Elkins AR where all the nice people live.


A bald man with a wooden leg gets invited to a Halloween Party.  He doesn’t know what costume to wear to hide his head and his Leg.  So he writes to a costume company to explain his problem.

A few days later he received a parcel with the following note:

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed a pirate’s outfit. The spotted handkerchief will cover your bald head and, with your wooden leg, you will be just right as a pirate.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

The man thinks this is terrible because they have emphasized his Wooden Leg and so he writes a letter of complaint. A week goes by and he Receives another parcel and a note, which says:

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed a monk’s costume.. The long robe will cover your Wooden leg and, with your bald head, you should really look the part.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

Now the man is really upset since they have gone from emphasizing his Wooden leg to emphasizing his bald head, so again he writes the Company another nasty letter of complaint…

The next day he gets a small Parcel and a note, which reads:

Dear Sir,
We have TRIED our very BEST Please find enclosed a bottle of molasses and a bag of crushed nuts.  Pour the molasses over your bald head, pat on crushed nuts, stick your Wooden Leg up your arse and go as a caramel apple.

Very truly yours,
Acme Costume Co.

Courtesy of, and credit to the man from Arkansas in:

Poor guys on the Island across the pond don’t know about Halloween because there was only one comment, FROM ME, YOURS TRULY.

Have a happy Halloween gals and guys, make it last into the weekend.

Bless America!

Joe the Fumbler

October 12, 2009

It never fails to amuse how many guys we get that is called by the name of Joe.

One happens to be Joe Klein, senior writer for the Time Rag, and the sage at Time Warner/CNN Blogsite Swampland.

Indeed a prolific writer he is, but though he likes to sneer at Krauthammer and Mark Steyn, and of course at Former President Bush who happens to be happily retired, Joe is the greatest critic of Joe because he forgets what he wrote the previous time[s].

Once a vociferous opponent of the Iraq war he propagated an all out war against “the real enemy” in Iran.  In the process he has tackled Israel and French President Sarkozy, the latter whom he scorned more than Italy’s President whom he called “ The Berlusconi thing” in:

The Berlusconi Thing Comes To The White House

Meantime he became disenchanted with President Obama about Iran; it seems he [being Joe the Great] felt that the President of the United States should listen better when Joe speaks.  See:

Ahmadinejad: Iran’s Man of Mystery

By Joe Klein Thursday, Oct. 01, 2009,8599,1927100,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

He did remain quiet when President Sarkozy had a tiff with President Obama.  See courtesy of Breitbart/Big Government/by Maura Flynn via Instapundit in:

This must have been too much for Joe:

Obama: “We must never stop until we see the day when nuclear arms have been banished from the face of the earth.”

Sarkozy: “We live in the real world, not the virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.”

Poor Joe!  He doesn’t know which way to go now but must make an effort to show he is still the greatest, but then he fumbles everything in a hopeless mess between USA foreign and domestic policy affairs.  All he can muster is “But diplomacy moves slowly, if at all”.  See:

Obama’s Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost,8599,1925834,00.html?xid=rss-joeklein

It is hilarious and reminds me of what someone else told him a short while ago.  Was it Ezra Klein who said: “Stop kissing Joe. It’s not going to work this time. We all know about the one?”

Meet Joe the Fumbler.  Or is it time to call for Joe the Plumber?

Nobel Prize as seen by Europe

October 11, 2009

What does Europe say about the Nobel Peace Price?  If you want a good spread of opinion the UK Telegraph Blogsite is a good starting point.

Here is one with a bit of humor:

Another one is from a Turk with a known dislike for Europe and the EC, except for his desire for Turkey to become a member and his hatred for the countries that oppose Turkey’s membership in that Union without Unity.  Americans may not like his views because he doesn’t always come over well, but he is a regular:

This one is very serious:

And this is from an analytical mind that drew a lot of response:

An American presents Catholic American views.  He is a regular at the UK Telegraph:

Read the articles and comments and judge it the way you decide.  The links will take you straight in but if you want to leave a comment you have to register as a Blogger with the UK Telegraph before you can do that, and that may be tedious.  Just reading will give you enough of an idea.