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Hard Punching from the UK Telegraph

November 24, 2009

Tony Harnden pulls no punches here.  I quote verbatim from:

Barack Obama: the politics of hypocrisy and cynicism

It was supposed to be all about the end of politics as usual. But while President Barack Obama has been happy to bring about change while abroad by doing all he can to diminish the superpower status of the United States, at home it’s been the same old, writes Toby Harnden.

Take the case of Greg Craig, the first big figure to depart the Obama White House and the victim of the Washington equivalent of a back-alley stabbing. A respected lawyer who defended President Bill Clinton during impeachment, the former State Department official was one of the first big guns to break with the Clintons and go all in for Obama.

Bowing to the wishes of Hillary Clinton, who blocked him from his preferred field of foreign policy, Craig was made White House Counsel.

He was charged with closing Guantanamo Bay, overhauling interrogation rules and translating Obama’s high-minded campaign ideals into workable policy.

Having issued a directive on his second full day in office that Guantanamo Bay would close “no later than one year from the date of this order”, Obama soon came up against reality. Last week, he lamely conceded that he would miss his own deadline but “would anticipate” the jail shutting in 2010.

Faithfully implementing Obama’s wishes, Craig drew up plans for the release of photos of American troops engaging in the abuse of prisoners.

Faced with fierce opposition from generals and former CIA chiefs the President then changed his mind.

Before you could whisper “change we can believe in”, Craig became the designated scapegoat for Obama’s photos U-turn and the Guantanamo debacle. The campaign had been free of leaks but Craig was knifed by Team Obama in time-honoured Washington. He was toast, confided anonymous officials who portrayed him as an incompetent in the thrall of bed-wetting human rights types.

On the record, officials flatly denied Craig might be fired and airily dismissed reports of the authorised leaks as “typical Washington parlour games”. A bemused Craig wondered who his enemy might be, realising too late that it was Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff, operating with Obama’s blessing.

White House officials were demonstrably lying to reporters when they said Craig was not under threat. With breathtaking chutzpah, they briefed last week that his departure had been on the cards “for months”.

In the Clinton era it was OK to lie about sex. Under Obama, it seems, it’s just fine to lie about running the country.

Bill Clinton’s administration was bedevilled by self-serving leaks from ambitious staffers trying to promote themselves or their cause. For Obama, leaking is a way of doing business.

Thus, General Stanley McChrystal’s request for up to 44,000 more troops in Afghanistan was leaked to Bob Woodward, allowing White House officials to float a trial balloon.

Then, classified cables sent from Kabul by Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and opposing McChrystal’s analysis appeared in the Washington Post. Few believe that the leaks were anything other than a deliberate White House attempt to shift the Afghanistan debate by saying: “Look, there’s a former general who differs from McChrystal.”

When Robert Gates, the straight-shooting Defence Secretary, fulminated that he was “appalled” by the leaks, Obama clamoured to insist that he was “angrier than Bob Gates about it” and pronounced leaking a “firing offence”. Call me a sceptic but I doubt that the likes of Emanuel or David Axelrod will be dismissed any time soon.

During the campaign, Mr Obama said loftily that his opposition researchers would concentrate on policy. But we now know from his campaign manager David Plouffe that it was Obama staff who leaked the devastating nugget that Democratic rival John Edwards had spent $400 on a haircut.

One of this White House’s flaws is that it is packed with campaign operatives like Axelrod at senior levels or other refugees from the Windy City like Emanuel, who delight in the dark arts of Washington and Chicago-style hardball.

What Mr Obama lacks is wise, detached counsel from outside his inner circle. Mr Craig might have fulfilled such a role. His replacement? Mr Obama’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer, another campaign loyalist. It was an eerie echo of President George W Bush’s installation of his crony Alberto Gonzales in the same position.

The supposedly post-partisan Obama is operating a one-party system in Washington in which Republicans are frozen out. His big campaign donors are now housed in sumptuous ambassadorial residences across the world.

Where he promised transparency, everything is opaque.

Far from changing Washington, Obama has slipped effortlessly into its ways. Could it be that the hallowed figure who preached hope and “yes we can” is really a hypocrite whose legacy will be greater cynicism?

I retained the English Spelling but it makes a mockery of the “perceived popularity” of the American President abroad.

Liberanarchism is an Ideology

November 22, 2009

Refer my Blog:

Liberalism gone awry, Updated

Liberanarchism ceased to have any relationship with the moral values of Liberalism, or the restraints that come with that, when the clergy got involved.

It thus became an ideology in its own right without the restraining hand of religious principles.  Religion is worn like a cloak to hide the real purpose, which is anarchy, and of course control of the money by the self-elected “leader.”

It is in effect a War for the mind of the follower.  In some countries, i.e. South Africa it was done under the cloak [convenience] of the “secular society” which is another misnomer.  The word Secular has no meaning [in any event not one that is translatable as was intended in America], namely to ensure that no single religious group or church must benefit greater than another, or be placed in a position to take control of Government.  The word Secular is used in Africa but the intention and practical effect is Liberanarchism.  South African President “Elect” Nelson Mandela went so far at the time to state that the purpose of the “Freedom Struggle” was to make the country ungovernable.

And that is the real purpose of Liberanarchism.  The Time writer spoke the convenient half-truth in:,9171,1642702,00.html

What she says may be possible with some Muslims as it would indeed be possible with any other group or religion, but not to the mind that has been programmed [poisoned, controlled] by the Master.  She conveniently does not mention that 43 of the terrorists who were found guilty on the London train and airport bombings charges of a few years ago were all trained and qualified medical doctors with Muslim backgrounds.

Representing the Fort Hood gunman as “Terrified or Terrorist” is therefore deliberate and gross misrepresentation of the twisted poisoned mind after the “clergy” had worked on him.  Time Magazine should be ashamed of this:,8599,1938415,00.html

But Time is of course, in it for the money and has long forgotten about moral principles.

Why did I include the Time Article on China in my previous Blog?

“While the U.S. remains mired in an economic funk, the Asian giant drives ceaselessly forward. On the eve of Obama’s first visit there, a look at what the world’s rising power can teach us now”:,8599,1938671,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Read it carefully.  The dangers that lurk for you in your own backyards won’t happen in China.  They won’t allow it.  China is and remains for purposes of this article and compared with America and Great Britain a homogeneous Society.  Communism is often said to have failed in America because Americans knew that they had a better system.  Liberanarchism won’t set foot China because the Chinese won’t allow it to happen!

Maybe the time will come when China will have to save the World from itself and Liberanarchism.

Liberalism gone awry, Updated

November 22, 2009

The headline is as good a definition as any of what Liberanarchism is but it may need some elucidation.

Liberalism has been with us a long time but what is today called by that name probably found its current base from 1960 onwards. In that we find a correlation with Anarchy, the latter which dates back much longer but underwent a change when modern Liberalism took off at the time I mentioned.

Anarchy as understood by most [the violent and deliberate physical destruction of law and order, property and life] has always been rejected by all civilized peoples and this would have continued to be so if Liberalism had remained what it had been intended to be; kindness and consideration to your neighbor and others, helping the poor and the less fortunate and being a moderation force in disputes between peoples and Nations.

Alas, it did not last! It took on too many passengers and from 1960 onwards became just a cloak from behind which the Anarchist plans and plants the seeds of discontent, anarchy and destruction. By the middle 90’ties of the previous century good old-fashioned Liberalism had been taken over by the Liberanarchist. The gay movements climbed on the wagon, Oprah and Nelson Mandela joined in, the Media smelled money and wanted their share of action, human rights was taken over before the last century had run out and by the beginning of the current century Liberalism had become so politicized that if fell easy prey to the terrorist World.

When that happened it was but one short and easy step to abandon the old-fashioned preaching of moral responsibility and work. The cry became “you have rights: rights to happiness, to freedom, to property, to riches and the only reason you don’t have it is because those who have it are keeping you from it, in fact they have stolen it from you and it is your right to take it back, by force if you have to. Freedom fighters were “born” and when religion joined in the fray the former were elevated to divine status with the right to kill. Modern Liberanarchism had acquired a free license with no pre-conditions.


In the meantime read:

Time Thoroughly Muslim and thoroughly British at the same time,9171,1642702,00.html

Please note the date of the article.

Read slow and read it again and again, before you repeat it a few more times:

5 Things the US can learn from China
While the U.S. remains mired in an economic funk, the Asian giant drives ceaselessly forward. On the eve of Obama’s first visit there, a look at what the world’s rising power can teach us now:,8599,1938671,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

And don’t miss this:

Time Terrified or Terrorist? What a surprise it must have been when Major Nidal Malik Hassan ….,8599,1938415,00.html

[Part two to follow soon. I will be called Liberanarchism is an Ideology]

Joe the Anonymous Juvenile Bully

November 13, 2009

Courtesy of and Compliments to

And thanks for the referral by my predecessor, tutor, and now Friend and colleague in Blogging, the Great El Campeador at:

Having waged an almost single-handed war with Time Warner/CNN and Swampland for more years than I care to count I was tearing my hair out after another round of abuse by the unmemorable Joe Klein and, following which, I posted my frustrations the other day In my Blog Post:

The Greatest Habitual Liars of all Time in World Journalism

One thing followed on the other and I stumbled into the Powerline Blog Site as I have stumbled into others, and found a place “that feels like a good home” so here I am. The entire Post is too good to leave one word out and I repeat [copy/paste] verbatim for your pleasure as the reader:

Kirchick versus Klein

November 12, 2009 Posted by Scott at 7:18 AM

“On Tuesday the precocious James Kirchick participated in a workshop discussion with the venerable leftist madman Joe Klein, now of Time, on the final day of the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly. Kirchick and Klein were among four panelists in a program devoted to “The Pro-Israel Lobby and the Media.

“Klein accused Kirchick of being insufficiently attentive to the nuance of Klein’s argument on the treachery of certain American supporters of Israel. (You know who they are.) Klein assaulted Kirchick with a parade of expletives after the event. The Washington Post’s obnoxious gossip columnists report that Klein rung up Kirchick as a “dishonest [expletive]” and “[expletiving] propagandist.” One can accurately deduce Klein’s attraction to nuance by the way he wields such expletives.

Reached for comment, Kirchick responded with lapidary cool: “One wishes he went back to being Anonymous.”

Klein is, of course, the formerly “Anonymous” author of the Clinton-era roman à clef Primary Colors who falsely and repeatedly denied his authorship of the book. (If you missed it the first time around, the book is now available for $.01 from Amazon.) Klein was identified as the author of the book by Professor Donald Foster on the basis of a linguistic analysis of Klein’s Newsweek columns and the text of the novel. In denying his authorship of the book, Klein had been lying for fun and profit.

Kirchick exceeded Klein’s post-panel remarks in civility, humor and bite. Kirchick’s is a performance that recalls William Buckley in his heyday. In 1962 Buckley said of Arthur Schlesinger, for example, that he would be glad to give publicity to any lapse by Professor Schlesinger into sanity, and that he did “not worry that such a guarantee w[ould] heavily mortgage my future time.”

Checking out the obnoxious Post gossip columnists’ account of the doings, one is reminded that Kirckick is the young man who called out Klein as a “juvenile bully” for his remarkably offensive comments attacking Charles Krauthammer earlier this year.

Kirchick was on the money then, and he is on the money now in wittily wishing for Klein’s disappearance from our public life.”

I am going to blast this all over the UK Telegraph Blog Site to show them what Blogging should be. You think Americans are confused only because you haven’t observed the Brits. These your cousins on the other side of the pond are tearing at each others’ throats while the enemy is crawling all over their land.

The Greatest Habitual Liars of all Time in World Journalism

November 10, 2009

The Time Rag sets the standard once again.

Religion did matter to Time on Thursday, Sep. 06, 2007 in:

God as their running mate,9171,1659734,00.html

Verbatim: “I want to know what God is telling them” and “If religion is central to their lives and moral systems, then it cannot be the candidates’ “own private affair.” To evaluate them, we need to know in some detail the doctrines of their faith and the extent to which they accept these doctrines. “Worry about whether I’m going to reform health care, not whether I’m going to hell” is not sufficient.”  That was for Candidate Romney on his Mormon Faith.

No, Religion does not matter to Time on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 4:47 pm in:

Is Nadal Malik Hasan’s Religion Relevant?

Verbatim: “If it’s dangerous to dismiss the threat posed by radical Muslims, it’s no less dangerous to force an entire religious population to live under a cloud of suspicion until proven otherwise.”  Shouldn’t this have been in the Romney Post two years ago?

On bi-partisan Politics and how Republicans fail this test:

How Maine’s GOP Senators Are Key to Obama’s Agenda,8599,1878942,00.html?xid=rss-politics&loomia_si=t0:a16:g4:r2:c0:b0&xid=Loomia

Another one:

And one more:

Joe [as all others at Time] conveniently forgets that it was Republican Party Honor that saved Clinton from removal from office following his impeachment trial barely more than ten years ago.  Kenneth Star had the noose around his neck and were it not for a substantial number of Republicans who voted “country first, this is not the time for vengeance” Clinton [a self confessed liar] would have dangled for all the World to see the second United States President forced from office but he was spared this fate by the breadth of one hair, grace of the Republican Party.

Senior Time writers including Joe Klein have tried to convince public opinion of the greatness of Obama by comparing him with Lincoln to Truman and, though Joe tries his best to camouflage the effort to immortalize his man, to make him even greater than FDR by stating that “Obama’s start has been the most impressive of any President since F.D.R. The biggest tests are ahead of him” in:

Why Lindsey Graham is the Guy Obama Needs to Please in Replacing Souter

Now it is 2009 and they are firing at their own man, Senator Joe Lieberman, who is on record for saying he is going to filibuster on Healthcare if they don’t make some changes in the proposed package deal.

And now the real muck.  A young whippersnapper reporter called Romesh Ratneser wants to outdo Joe Klein and stops just short of claiming that it was a 28 year old Chicago dope addict that brought the Berlin Wall down in 1989:

Time The fall of the Berlin wall caught the World by surprise.,9171,1933194,00.html

That’s why some say that if you believe the Time Rag you can believe anything.  For a laugh read an American Blogger’s Post in the UK Telegraph:

Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama go to heaven.

They say time will tell, but unfortunately Time Magazine doesn’t follow the normal trend.

May I ask you in closing to look for Automatically Generated Posts at the end of this article for more links to previous Blogs on the subject?

A Brit looking at President Obama

November 9, 2009

Courtesy of the UK Telegraph

Cool Obama makes US yearn for Bush

The last two paragraphs of a somewhat lengthy article are offered to you verbatim including UK English spelling.  America would like to note the contents and word choice.

“The White House argues that Mr Obama was not on the ballot last week and there is therefore no need to fret. The problem with this complacency is that voters were angry about the state of the economy, which Mr Obama can’t keep blaming on his predecessor. With unemployment now above 10 per cent, Mr Obama needs to show Americans that he can relate to what they’re going through, and take responsibility.

It could do him good to show he has a bit of fire in his belly. Perhaps he might make a decision or two based on gut instinct and deep conviction. In other words, maybe he should try being a bit more like Mr Bush.”

The writer Toby Harnden is one of the most respected journalists in Europe and writes for the UK Telegraph from his base in Washington DC.

Married to the Family

November 8, 2009

A family medical practitioner who often happened to be called upon in marriage squabbles once told me that there are most often three sides [or stories] to every divorce. I asked him because it was the first time I heard that.

 He said: “Well, you know, there is her side and there his side with the truth, the third side, somewhere in the middle.” I reminded me of what they say is a true story in a local rural community. It was the best farm in the region [everybody’s envy and the owner’s pride] and it was the fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was to be an all day affair and the old guy had decided to do the wise thing to throw it open to all comers; some total strangers came as he had expected anyway. There was everything, but everything, and plenty of it, free and on the house.

Towards early evening one of these fellows asked the old guy how they had managed fifty long years; what was the secret to be happily married for fifty years [he confided that he had had three failures in ten years].

The wise old guy said: “Regular holidays apart, son. My old girl came back two months ago from a visit to her family in Greece, and it has been bliss ever since, just like the time we got married fifty years ago.”

 “How long was she gone this time?”

 “Son, I shall tell you the secret only because you asked me. She has only been away once. I took her there two months after we got married because she always wanted me to meet the whole extended family and she was starting to nag me about it. I had the farm to run and came back after two weeks; she returned two months ago as I told you. She came over for short visits and I went over once in a while in between.”

He then pondered briefly before he added: “And you know what? Divorce is messy at the best of times, and a very expensive affair what with legal costs and court hearings. I didn’t have the guts for it and I didn’t want to lose my farm.”

 That’s the third side in the medical practitioner’s version; the truth is that people often marry the family or they are expected to do so. The family all want to advise and to do that they have to visit or you must visit them. Don’t tell them about you seafront cottage; they will occupy it all the time with you footing the bill for repairs, drinking and eating, plus new bed linen of their choice.

You can’t debate anything with that kind of family; and you are not allowed to argue or lose your cool with them because you will be accused of discrimination. They want to take over your whole life and run it for you; they want to make the decisions and you must obey, because you married the family with the spouse. It’s a kind of a package deal.

 “Why would you want to keep a milk cow in your city home, and feed the whole herd that she comes from on the open range as well if you can buy enough milk at the supermarket,” another wise sage once asked.

 So I am asking:

 Why does Obama want to marry America to the Middle East, and why, I mean what on earth for, would England want to marry the EU or Europe? Who is going to pay for the divorces?

Joe the Wordsmith

November 1, 2009

Senior Time/CNN/Times Warner/Swampland Joe Klein is indeed a gifted Wordsmith.  He has a way with words that many of his contemporaries have reason to envy.  Joe can write almost every genre.

But unfortunately for Joe he has attached him to the shadow of the President and cannot see the wood for the trees.  Most other times he gets the cart before the horses and starts fumbling in the ensuing confusion.

Let us take his latest childlike fantasy:

Obama’s Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost,8599,1925834,00.html?xid=rss-joeklein

I take that means if the President can succeed with Healthcare at home his foreign opponents will embrace him with fondness and come to his rescue at home.

But the Presidents Foreign Policy initiatives are in tatters and all countries are in the same boat with Domestic issues on the priority lists.  Prime Ministers and Presidents Worldwide are fighting for their own survival.  Traditional Voter Support Blocks want to change and are opposing the incumbents.  British Voters want to get rid of their Government and the European Commission.

What support can President Obama expect from?:

Time Joe Klein Pursuing conventional warfare in Afghanistan is about as effective ….. [read it and have a chuckle].,8599,1924324,00.html

  Ahmadinejad: Iran’s Man of Mystery

By Joe Klein Thursday, Oct. 01, 2009,8599,1927100,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

 ObaMao on the (Fake) Cover of TIME

 It clearly shows what China thinks of the President.

 Don’t Worry So Much about Iran’s Nukes

Joe Klein Thursday, Jul. 23, 2009,8599,1912132,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

 But Europe is demanding President Obama’s head for this.

 Time Joe Klein McChrystal may have overstepped by dissing one possible course of action.,8599,1929103,00.html

 Others have stepped into the fray and it looks bad for President Obama:

 A man from Turkey gets his point in:

Absurdity!..US President Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize


Oct 9, 2009

 And a Brit is laughing out loud:

President Ihaveano Dinnajaket of Iran wins Nobel War Prize

 The President’s problems don’t stop there.  It is merely the Start because China is on the move.  They have taken over the GM Hummer but that is small fry.

 In the past week the South African Corporation announced China and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a massive Road Construction deal.  They have signed with Zimbabwe for mining and new Coal Electricity Plants.

 Australia signed a Trade Pact with China,,26279240-36418,00.html

“The relationship between Australia and China is very unique; we want to build it into a model for relationships between China and other western countries,” Mr He said.

“Not to be driven by ideology, not to be driven by single issues but driven by common interests and our more converging interests. That is how to bring the benefits to the people.

He will address business leaders in Sydney at lunchtime today before travelling to Canberra to meet Kevin Rudd, attend a state dinner tonight and end his trip in Brisbane. The leaders will sign agreements covering forestry, protection of cultural relics, education and training and telecommunications.

On top of all this, in the past weekend in El Campeador’s American WordPress Blog site:

 State Secretary Clinton throws her hands up in despair about progress with Pakistan:        

What does President Obama keep himself busy with in the meantime?

Joe, I somehow doubt whether President Obama can expect any assistance from abroad and it seems evident the His success at home will be determined at home.