Joe the Wordsmith

Senior Time/CNN/Times Warner/Swampland Joe Klein is indeed a gifted Wordsmith.  He has a way with words that many of his contemporaries have reason to envy.  Joe can write almost every genre.

But unfortunately for Joe he has attached him to the shadow of the President and cannot see the wood for the trees.  Most other times he gets the cart before the horses and starts fumbling in the ensuing confusion.

Let us take his latest childlike fantasy:

Obama’s Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost,8599,1925834,00.html?xid=rss-joeklein

I take that means if the President can succeed with Healthcare at home his foreign opponents will embrace him with fondness and come to his rescue at home.

But the Presidents Foreign Policy initiatives are in tatters and all countries are in the same boat with Domestic issues on the priority lists.  Prime Ministers and Presidents Worldwide are fighting for their own survival.  Traditional Voter Support Blocks want to change and are opposing the incumbents.  British Voters want to get rid of their Government and the European Commission.

What support can President Obama expect from?:

Time Joe Klein Pursuing conventional warfare in Afghanistan is about as effective ….. [read it and have a chuckle].,8599,1924324,00.html

  Ahmadinejad: Iran’s Man of Mystery

By Joe Klein Thursday, Oct. 01, 2009,8599,1927100,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

 ObaMao on the (Fake) Cover of TIME

 It clearly shows what China thinks of the President.

 Don’t Worry So Much about Iran’s Nukes

Joe Klein Thursday, Jul. 23, 2009,8599,1912132,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

 But Europe is demanding President Obama’s head for this.

 Time Joe Klein McChrystal may have overstepped by dissing one possible course of action.,8599,1929103,00.html

 Others have stepped into the fray and it looks bad for President Obama:

 A man from Turkey gets his point in:

Absurdity!..US President Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize


Oct 9, 2009

 And a Brit is laughing out loud:

President Ihaveano Dinnajaket of Iran wins Nobel War Prize

 The President’s problems don’t stop there.  It is merely the Start because China is on the move.  They have taken over the GM Hummer but that is small fry.

 In the past week the South African Corporation announced China and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a massive Road Construction deal.  They have signed with Zimbabwe for mining and new Coal Electricity Plants.

 Australia signed a Trade Pact with China,,26279240-36418,00.html

“The relationship between Australia and China is very unique; we want to build it into a model for relationships between China and other western countries,” Mr He said.

“Not to be driven by ideology, not to be driven by single issues but driven by common interests and our more converging interests. That is how to bring the benefits to the people.

He will address business leaders in Sydney at lunchtime today before travelling to Canberra to meet Kevin Rudd, attend a state dinner tonight and end his trip in Brisbane. The leaders will sign agreements covering forestry, protection of cultural relics, education and training and telecommunications.

On top of all this, in the past weekend in El Campeador’s American WordPress Blog site:

 State Secretary Clinton throws her hands up in despair about progress with Pakistan:        

What does President Obama keep himself busy with in the meantime?

Joe, I somehow doubt whether President Obama can expect any assistance from abroad and it seems evident the His success at home will be determined at home.

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