The Greatest Habitual Liars of all Time in World Journalism

The Time Rag sets the standard once again.

Religion did matter to Time on Thursday, Sep. 06, 2007 in:

God as their running mate,9171,1659734,00.html

Verbatim: “I want to know what God is telling them” and “If religion is central to their lives and moral systems, then it cannot be the candidates’ “own private affair.” To evaluate them, we need to know in some detail the doctrines of their faith and the extent to which they accept these doctrines. “Worry about whether I’m going to reform health care, not whether I’m going to hell” is not sufficient.”  That was for Candidate Romney on his Mormon Faith.

No, Religion does not matter to Time on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 4:47 pm in:

Is Nadal Malik Hasan’s Religion Relevant?

Verbatim: “If it’s dangerous to dismiss the threat posed by radical Muslims, it’s no less dangerous to force an entire religious population to live under a cloud of suspicion until proven otherwise.”  Shouldn’t this have been in the Romney Post two years ago?

On bi-partisan Politics and how Republicans fail this test:

How Maine’s GOP Senators Are Key to Obama’s Agenda,8599,1878942,00.html?xid=rss-politics&loomia_si=t0:a16:g4:r2:c0:b0&xid=Loomia

Another one:

And one more:

Joe [as all others at Time] conveniently forgets that it was Republican Party Honor that saved Clinton from removal from office following his impeachment trial barely more than ten years ago.  Kenneth Star had the noose around his neck and were it not for a substantial number of Republicans who voted “country first, this is not the time for vengeance” Clinton [a self confessed liar] would have dangled for all the World to see the second United States President forced from office but he was spared this fate by the breadth of one hair, grace of the Republican Party.

Senior Time writers including Joe Klein have tried to convince public opinion of the greatness of Obama by comparing him with Lincoln to Truman and, though Joe tries his best to camouflage the effort to immortalize his man, to make him even greater than FDR by stating that “Obama’s start has been the most impressive of any President since F.D.R. The biggest tests are ahead of him” in:

Why Lindsey Graham is the Guy Obama Needs to Please in Replacing Souter

Now it is 2009 and they are firing at their own man, Senator Joe Lieberman, who is on record for saying he is going to filibuster on Healthcare if they don’t make some changes in the proposed package deal.

And now the real muck.  A young whippersnapper reporter called Romesh Ratneser wants to outdo Joe Klein and stops just short of claiming that it was a 28 year old Chicago dope addict that brought the Berlin Wall down in 1989:

Time The fall of the Berlin wall caught the World by surprise.,9171,1933194,00.html

That’s why some say that if you believe the Time Rag you can believe anything.  For a laugh read an American Blogger’s Post in the UK Telegraph:

Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama go to heaven.

They say time will tell, but unfortunately Time Magazine doesn’t follow the normal trend.

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