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Having waged an almost single-handed war with Time Warner/CNN and Swampland for more years than I care to count I was tearing my hair out after another round of abuse by the unmemorable Joe Klein and, following which, I posted my frustrations the other day In my Blog Post:

The Greatest Habitual Liars of all Time in World Journalism

One thing followed on the other and I stumbled into the Powerline Blog Site as I have stumbled into others, and found a place “that feels like a good home” so here I am. The entire Post is too good to leave one word out and I repeat [copy/paste] verbatim for your pleasure as the reader:

Kirchick versus Klein

November 12, 2009 Posted by Scott at 7:18 AM

“On Tuesday the precocious James Kirchick participated in a workshop discussion with the venerable leftist madman Joe Klein, now of Time, on the final day of the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly. Kirchick and Klein were among four panelists in a program devoted to “The Pro-Israel Lobby and the Media.

“Klein accused Kirchick of being insufficiently attentive to the nuance of Klein’s argument on the treachery of certain American supporters of Israel. (You know who they are.) Klein assaulted Kirchick with a parade of expletives after the event. The Washington Post’s obnoxious gossip columnists report that Klein rung up Kirchick as a “dishonest [expletive]” and “[expletiving] propagandist.” One can accurately deduce Klein’s attraction to nuance by the way he wields such expletives.

Reached for comment, Kirchick responded with lapidary cool: “One wishes he went back to being Anonymous.”

Klein is, of course, the formerly “Anonymous” author of the Clinton-era roman à clef Primary Colors who falsely and repeatedly denied his authorship of the book. (If you missed it the first time around, the book is now available for $.01 from Amazon.) Klein was identified as the author of the book by Professor Donald Foster on the basis of a linguistic analysis of Klein’s Newsweek columns and the text of the novel. In denying his authorship of the book, Klein had been lying for fun and profit.

Kirchick exceeded Klein’s post-panel remarks in civility, humor and bite. Kirchick’s is a performance that recalls William Buckley in his heyday. In 1962 Buckley said of Arthur Schlesinger, for example, that he would be glad to give publicity to any lapse by Professor Schlesinger into sanity, and that he did “not worry that such a guarantee w[ould] heavily mortgage my future time.”

Checking out the obnoxious Post gossip columnists’ account of the doings, one is reminded that Kirckick is the young man who called out Klein as a “juvenile bully” for his remarkably offensive comments attacking Charles Krauthammer earlier this year.

Kirchick was on the money then, and he is on the money now in wittily wishing for Klein’s disappearance from our public life.”

I am going to blast this all over the UK Telegraph Blog Site to show them what Blogging should be. You think Americans are confused only because you haven’t observed the Brits. These your cousins on the other side of the pond are tearing at each others’ throats while the enemy is crawling all over their land.

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