Liberalism gone awry, Updated

The headline is as good a definition as any of what Liberanarchism is but it may need some elucidation.

Liberalism has been with us a long time but what is today called by that name probably found its current base from 1960 onwards. In that we find a correlation with Anarchy, the latter which dates back much longer but underwent a change when modern Liberalism took off at the time I mentioned.

Anarchy as understood by most [the violent and deliberate physical destruction of law and order, property and life] has always been rejected by all civilized peoples and this would have continued to be so if Liberalism had remained what it had been intended to be; kindness and consideration to your neighbor and others, helping the poor and the less fortunate and being a moderation force in disputes between peoples and Nations.

Alas, it did not last! It took on too many passengers and from 1960 onwards became just a cloak from behind which the Anarchist plans and plants the seeds of discontent, anarchy and destruction. By the middle 90’ties of the previous century good old-fashioned Liberalism had been taken over by the Liberanarchist. The gay movements climbed on the wagon, Oprah and Nelson Mandela joined in, the Media smelled money and wanted their share of action, human rights was taken over before the last century had run out and by the beginning of the current century Liberalism had become so politicized that if fell easy prey to the terrorist World.

When that happened it was but one short and easy step to abandon the old-fashioned preaching of moral responsibility and work. The cry became “you have rights: rights to happiness, to freedom, to property, to riches and the only reason you don’t have it is because those who have it are keeping you from it, in fact they have stolen it from you and it is your right to take it back, by force if you have to. Freedom fighters were “born” and when religion joined in the fray the former were elevated to divine status with the right to kill. Modern Liberanarchism had acquired a free license with no pre-conditions.


In the meantime read:

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Please note the date of the article.

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[Part two to follow soon. I will be called Liberanarchism is an Ideology]

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  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    It seems my system is playing up on me and the links appear as regular text. I am trying again:,9171,1642702,00.html,8599,1938671,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily,8599,1938415,00.html

  2. Liberanarchism is an Ideology « Ike Jakson’s Blog Says:

    […] Ike Jakson’s Blog Ike on People Affairs, assisted by Uylen Spiegel of the Global Mirror « Liberalism gone awry, Updated […]

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