Liberanarchism is an Ideology

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Liberalism gone awry, Updated

Liberanarchism ceased to have any relationship with the moral values of Liberalism, or the restraints that come with that, when the clergy got involved.

It thus became an ideology in its own right without the restraining hand of religious principles.  Religion is worn like a cloak to hide the real purpose, which is anarchy, and of course control of the money by the self-elected “leader.”

It is in effect a War for the mind of the follower.  In some countries, i.e. South Africa it was done under the cloak [convenience] of the “secular society” which is another misnomer.  The word Secular has no meaning [in any event not one that is translatable as was intended in America], namely to ensure that no single religious group or church must benefit greater than another, or be placed in a position to take control of Government.  The word Secular is used in Africa but the intention and practical effect is Liberanarchism.  South African President “Elect” Nelson Mandela went so far at the time to state that the purpose of the “Freedom Struggle” was to make the country ungovernable.

And that is the real purpose of Liberanarchism.  The Time writer spoke the convenient half-truth in:,9171,1642702,00.html

What she says may be possible with some Muslims as it would indeed be possible with any other group or religion, but not to the mind that has been programmed [poisoned, controlled] by the Master.  She conveniently does not mention that 43 of the terrorists who were found guilty on the London train and airport bombings charges of a few years ago were all trained and qualified medical doctors with Muslim backgrounds.

Representing the Fort Hood gunman as “Terrified or Terrorist” is therefore deliberate and gross misrepresentation of the twisted poisoned mind after the “clergy” had worked on him.  Time Magazine should be ashamed of this:,8599,1938415,00.html

But Time is of course, in it for the money and has long forgotten about moral principles.

Why did I include the Time Article on China in my previous Blog?

“While the U.S. remains mired in an economic funk, the Asian giant drives ceaselessly forward. On the eve of Obama’s first visit there, a look at what the world’s rising power can teach us now”:,8599,1938671,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Read it carefully.  The dangers that lurk for you in your own backyards won’t happen in China.  They won’t allow it.  China is and remains for purposes of this article and compared with America and Great Britain a homogeneous Society.  Communism is often said to have failed in America because Americans knew that they had a better system.  Liberanarchism won’t set foot China because the Chinese won’t allow it to happen!

Maybe the time will come when China will have to save the World from itself and Liberanarchism.

2 Responses to “Liberanarchism is an Ideology”

  1. Url Cloaking Says:

    It is an Islamic theology not a political ideology that is what is making the U.S. Url Cloaking

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      I do not entirely disagree with your comment; that’s assuming that I read you correctly. Please elucidate a little.

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