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A New Decade

December 27, 2009

We have just five days to go before the 2nd decade of the 21st century arrives with all it will bring.

What will it be?

I was bemused by a Blog in the UK Telegraph quoting Gladstone the old British Statesman who referred to the Quran a long time ago when he said: “…an accursed book… So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.”

[PS insert: if the link does not print the way it should I shall repeat it in a first comment at the end. My system is playing up]

President Obama obviously differs strongly with his referral to “the Holy Quran” every time he gets a chance to open his mouth.

I am too old now to concern myself with New Year’s resolutions. This year will deliver my “three score and ten” on August 3rd and maybe herald the commencement of own last decade though I hope to add at least another one. But what will it bring?

Will Africa continue to go back another five decades with every new one forward? Positively yes! Will we see the final and inevitable showdown between Islam and Christianity? Likely? Will there be peace in the Middle East? Most unlikely? Will China and Russia continue to rise to World domination? Most likely? Will Britain be able to extricate itself from the road [and their seemingly firm intention] towards Third World status? Highly unlikely?

And then, of course, the million dollar question: Will America survive? Will it indeed survive Obama? The answer to the second question must be NO if he stays in power through 2016. What if America sends him back to Kenya at the end of this year? Well, they may have a small chance if they can do that.

Comments if you wish. I am young for my years but old enough to accept and live with the truth and much too old to be fooled by the lies and the deceit of forty year old politicians, prime ministers, presidents, tin-pot kings, crooked bankers or finance wizards and egomaniacs like Oprah.

The UK Spectator on the Afghan War

December 20, 2009

Read the UK Spectator’s gloomy concern about Britain and the Afghan War:

The unspeakable truth is that we lost in Iraq. We must not lose in Afghanistan too
James Forsyth

Wednesday, 2nd December 2009

[Sorry, my system is still playing up but I managed to get the hotlink to the Spectator’s article into the first comment. My apologies].

Then read my Comment:

“May I briefly disagree with the writer on Iraq before stating my view on Afghanistan?

Regardless of whether WMD was found in Iraq or not, the “Allied Forces” all believed them to be there when they supported the war and made it a just war to start with. That war, whatever it turned out to be later, was won when they pulled Saddam out of his hole and handed him over to his own people to hang him. The World seems to want to forget that they [his own people] did the hanging because they applauded the Allied Forces at the time.

It was probably a good time to leave Iraq at that point but it did not happen for whatever reason.

Afghanistan is a different story altogether. America and her Allies will lose in Afghan because nobody can win a terrorist war with conventional weapons in Afghan. If the intention is to capture Bin Laden it remains a stupid idiotic war even if they do capture the old rogue, and I don’t think they will capture him.

The World should all withdraw their armed forces from Afghanistan and leave that godforsaken country and the entire region to their own devices. Nothing that is there is worth the life of one single soldier”.

War in Afghan was a stupid idea; a surge makes it ten times worse. It will be the graveyard for many young lives wasted in what will become a massive graveyard for America in World Politics. The USA survived the aftermath of Vietnam; it cannot survive the aftermath of Afghanistan.

Tiger Who

December 13, 2009

The Time Rag:

Can Golf Survive Without Tiger Woods?

By Sean Gregory Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009

Read more:,8599,1947320,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily#ixzz0ZaE1FRiV,8599,1947320,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Of course golf can survive Tiger Woods. If you disagree, pray tell how golf progressed to survive and got to where it is before and without Him?

One may indeed ask: Be this Journalism?

So what? Another wonder boy? Another wannabee untouchable? Another hype Star?

Dear Time, I suggest you concentrate on the second part of your question “Can Tiger survive?”

Who cares?

Lest we forget

December 12, 2009

While we will shortly celebrate Christian Freedom I want to record an article that came to my attention.

It is by the respected Melanie Phillips writing for the UK Spectator and I will let her introduction suffice:

“Yesterday evening, the historian Andrew Roberts delivered a remarkable address at the annual dinner of the Anglo-Israel Association. I reproduce it here in full, with no further comment.”

Read it for yourself in:

If you have any problem downloading the whole speech you may contact me for a complete Microsoft Word version.

Let us remember our staunch and only reliable ally in the Middle East at this time.

[PS. See first comment for the hotlink to the Spectator Article.]

Merry Xmas

December 10, 2009

Whether you are sailing, flying or driving I wish you a happy Xmas and safe return to home.  I have spent every Xmas in the last two decades except 1995 at home and that is where I shall be this year too.

The 2nd decade of the 21st century is now just days away and the first one has been a tumultuous time for many people and countries.  I wish the Grand Ship US America a safe and pleasant voyage in calm waters; that crew and captain will be wise to bring her and all aboard safe to port, and that the next year and the decade will be good for you.

God Speed with my best wishes to America and Her people.

Press Leak- WH Washington DC Symphony Orchestra interviews candidates for new Director/Conductor Appointment

December 6, 2009

Recent secret Polls reveal a dramatic drop in enthusiasm for the once World Acclaimed Orchestra over the last few months.

From:  A Tonal Masterpiece

By Joe Klein Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009

It was the quality that distinguished Franklin Roosevelt’s public persona, guided by the motto that F.D.R. had in his office: “Let unconquerable gladness dwell

 By Joe Klein Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 3:09 am

The expectations are enormous.

 Joe Klein again, on 22 Jul 2009 06:30 PM PDT

“He’s good. You forget that when you haven’t seen him in a while. He seemed entirely in command, not at all rattled by the toxic political dust storm swirling in Washington. His answers were supple, substantive.”


Then it dropped suddenly.  By JOE KLEIN Thursday, Dec. 03, 2009

“a little iffy,” said Joe

Latest Column by Joe Klein Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 8:17 am
Exit strategy?  The only exit strategy I heard was that unicorns will descend from the sky and we can ride them home in July, 2011.


Here you have the Links to read it all.  Plans leaked to the Media indicate a serious intention to appoint a new Director/Conductor before the mid-term elections in 2010.,8599,1881776,00.html,8599,1945232,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Maybe there will be change in Washington after all!

Ikepedia for Sstorm and JP

December 4, 2009

This is for you to do with as you wish.

As at today Google and Wikipedia lists Obama as:

The Messiah – 2,640,000 times

The Chosen One – 5,150,000 times

The Anointed one – 104,000 times

It has always intrigued me where it all started and I have been checking through my old Fox News files that I kept from February last year.  You will note that I blogged on the phenomena earlier this year.  Do have fun reading it again.

The last one [old comment five by “Watch out Wyoming” ] was the first one I saw about “anointing the chosen one” but though it picked up later the Chosen One and the Messiah had become a flood by then.  And the Chosen One later simply became The One etc. etc.

Anyone who has knowledge of earlier dates than my notes from Fox?

For initial distribution:

Katrina at:

JP at El Campeador at:

And why not, to Joe Klein the Anonymous Juvenile Bully at:

It may just help to cure his Achy Breaky Broken Heart.

Joe of the Broken Heart bares his empty soul

December 4, 2009

This is tragedy!

Afghanistan: Can Obama Sell America on This War?

In the Arena

Afghanistan: Can Obama Sell America on This War?


“The President offered a reasoned case for expansion in Afghanistan.  But Americans need inspiration as well,” says Joe.

He even quotes what President Reagan would have done, but does not offer any information on how he knows that.  Perhaps Joe is a mind reader too.

“Ronald Reagan would have done it differently. He would have told a story. It might not have been a true story, but it would have had resonance. He might have found, or created, a grieving spouse — a young investment banker whose wife had died in the World Trade Center — who enlisted immediately after the attacks … and then gave his life, heroically, defending a school for girls in Kandahar. Reagan would have inspired tears, outrage, passion, a rush to recruiting centers across the nation.”

Read more:,8599,1945232,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily#ixzz0YeKmNdO7

.Also read:

Afghan is a 51% futile War, or is it 49%?  Joe doesn’t know.  He calls

the President’s new speech “ convoluted” but goes straight on heaping more convolution on top of it.  Joe understandably feels that the President left an empty void, but then he who is Joe leaves another one with the reader.

Can America wait while the little children play their games?  Time will tell, but I doubt it.

A Chesapeake Yankee in the Court of King Arthur

December 3, 2009

It is fun.  The writer is an American who Blogs under the name of Low Wattage in the UK Telegraph.  He lives, works and vacations on the Chesapeake but I don’t know whether he is related to Timothy Turlock.

You can log in and read the comments without registering but you won’t be able to leave a comment if you don’t register.  Do try it though; this guy writes the best political satire in the World.

[PS to Sstorm: No, I don’t know whether he is leftwing or right wing.  Personally I am neither of the two because I don’t have wings and walk with my feet firmly on terra firma.  But I hold no grudges against anyone.]

The New Tudors?

The One? and only.

If you can’t figure the headline out I suggest that you read Mark Twain.

This Blog is dedicated to some of the nicest people it has been my pleasure to bump into.  They are JP and towp, Lady Rebecca of Ohio, and to a cook from Egypt Mississippi and to Sstorm at:

Will you pass it on and say Hi to the guys please?

Love goes tepid with Time and the honeymoon is over

December 3, 2009

Xtra, Xtra Folks!  Read it all in Time!  Xtra Folks!  Xtra!  When love this great goes sour it will be a messy divorce and the signs are in the cards.  Read it all first hand.  Don’t miss it; read all about it  Xtra, Xtra.

 That’s how big News was advertised on the streets in the heyday of the printed media.

 I shall step aside in my Blog so you can read it at source.  There is a lot in the archives of Time but these three articles tell you about the Honeymoon of the millennium and its end.

 Obama on Af/Pak

Posted by Joe Klein

 The Speech

By Joe Klein

Was the Congress reception of the long awaited solution to Afghan tepid?  If it was, how do you describe the Time/CNN/Swampland reaction?  Is it a portent of what is to come?  Is it all over for the most widely publicized honeymoon in history to separation in eight months?  This time it will not be Time that is telling.

Is it a cooling of the greatest love affair in recorded history between a presidential candidate and his adoring Media, or is it a matter of the rats getting ready to leave the ship?

Whatever, the fall-out will be messy, and the divorce even worse.  Note the dates on the articles in the links.