Joe of the Broken Heart bares his empty soul

This is tragedy!

Afghanistan: Can Obama Sell America on This War?

In the Arena

Afghanistan: Can Obama Sell America on This War?


“The President offered a reasoned case for expansion in Afghanistan.  But Americans need inspiration as well,” says Joe.

He even quotes what President Reagan would have done, but does not offer any information on how he knows that.  Perhaps Joe is a mind reader too.

“Ronald Reagan would have done it differently. He would have told a story. It might not have been a true story, but it would have had resonance. He might have found, or created, a grieving spouse — a young investment banker whose wife had died in the World Trade Center — who enlisted immediately after the attacks … and then gave his life, heroically, defending a school for girls in Kandahar. Reagan would have inspired tears, outrage, passion, a rush to recruiting centers across the nation.”

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.Also read:

Afghan is a 51% futile War, or is it 49%?  Joe doesn’t know.  He calls

the President’s new speech “ convoluted” but goes straight on heaping more convolution on top of it.  Joe understandably feels that the President left an empty void, but then he who is Joe leaves another one with the reader.

Can America wait while the little children play their games?  Time will tell, but I doubt it.

2 Responses to “Joe of the Broken Heart bares his empty soul”

  1. towp Says:

    “Ronald Reagan would have done it differently”
    Of course he would have–Pres Reagan (love him or hate him) was a leader….just a little difference from our present situation…

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Yes towp, I agree. But I did smile at Joe Klein’s feeble attempt to compare the Chosen One with the great Reagan. They have compared him with FDR, Kennedy, even Lincoln but never with Reagan before. Obama is a Marketing Job, that’s all.

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