The UK Spectator on the Afghan War

Read the UK Spectator’s gloomy concern about Britain and the Afghan War:

The unspeakable truth is that we lost in Iraq. We must not lose in Afghanistan too
James Forsyth

Wednesday, 2nd December 2009

[Sorry, my system is still playing up but I managed to get the hotlink to the Spectator’s article into the first comment. My apologies].

Then read my Comment:

“May I briefly disagree with the writer on Iraq before stating my view on Afghanistan?

Regardless of whether WMD was found in Iraq or not, the “Allied Forces” all believed them to be there when they supported the war and made it a just war to start with. That war, whatever it turned out to be later, was won when they pulled Saddam out of his hole and handed him over to his own people to hang him. The World seems to want to forget that they [his own people] did the hanging because they applauded the Allied Forces at the time.

It was probably a good time to leave Iraq at that point but it did not happen for whatever reason.

Afghanistan is a different story altogether. America and her Allies will lose in Afghan because nobody can win a terrorist war with conventional weapons in Afghan. If the intention is to capture Bin Laden it remains a stupid idiotic war even if they do capture the old rogue, and I don’t think they will capture him.

The World should all withdraw their armed forces from Afghanistan and leave that godforsaken country and the entire region to their own devices. Nothing that is there is worth the life of one single soldier”.

War in Afghan was a stupid idea; a surge makes it ten times worse. It will be the graveyard for many young lives wasted in what will become a massive graveyard for America in World Politics. The USA survived the aftermath of Vietnam; it cannot survive the aftermath of Afghanistan.

3 Responses to “The UK Spectator on the Afghan War”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Sorry, my system is playing up. I am trying to get the hotlink to the Spectator’s article to you:

  2. sstorm0730 Says:

    My nephew is a United States Marine. He was called back from Afghanistan to the States because he was nominated for OCS. Upon arrival stateside, he filed a request to be re-deployed with his unit and has now returned to Afghanistan. I wish the decision had been made to pull us out of Afghanistan, but that was not the case. I can only hope that Josh returns safely, along with all of the men & women also sent to deal with this mess.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      My best wishes for your loved ones Kristina. I am pleased that I don’t have that burden and hope yours come through in one piece physically and spiritually. There is a time for war, and unfortunately sometimes it is necessary, but War never” produces winners” really.

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