A fading Star over Massachusetts

And it is falling fast!

 Who would have thought it?  He did it in less than a year from stardom to disgrace; missing what was to be a memorable celebration by one day.

 Blogs mushroomed with updates from 12 noon until 21:00 pm that fateful Tuesday January 19th, 2009.

 Just a few tell the story:



 Perhaps the cruelest blow was delivered by a “fan club” of admirers and Kingmakers of 2008.  The reader should spend some time to read all the comments from the great expectations when this Blog opened, through the midway panic and the final rejection.


 The end was as devastating as predicted in an early comment:

 “What the Democrats are not saying is that this election is all about the myth of one man called Obama and that the myth has largely evaporated.  It is one year tomorrow; and tomorrow will tell how much of the myth is left, if anything at all.”

 The aftershocks from Massachusetts will reverberate around the Globe while the long knives are put to work in the once noble Democratic Party, and the aftermath of that will linger on.

5 Responses to “A fading Star over Massachusetts”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Hey Ike that was an interesting article. The comments were extremely passionate. I’m not always in sync with the Time but I like the way the writer followed through the day. I might also add that it must have been a bad day Tuesday in Massachusetts for Coakley supporters (and Obama’s).

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Lady BD

      I am really “entirely out of sync” with the Time Rag but they are always good for a laugh. And this time it was hope against all the Audacity of Hope, leaving them with a difficult task. They really struggled and can’t understand or accept the fact that the core of Massachusetts vote is really very simple.

      Obama lost Massachusetts! That’s it. Any discussion or further analysis is really what we call “dead fish” rambling and that is what makes it hard for them. After all no amount of talk or “blame it on Bush” will revive that fish; the fish is dead.

  2. Alta Lighthart Says:

    What we have been watching for a long time now that the leadership of the parties have lost connectednesses with the Public. The leadership we have now pronounce pick a side. I don’t need to pick one side or other. I would preferably pick a individual that believes in the very values that I believe in and I actually don’t care what political party he/she belongs to. If it doesn’t fit don’t buy it. That’s as simplistic as can be.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Well said Alta Lighthart

      Nobody could have provided a better summation than you did.

      I am amused, bemused and totally baffled to understand why the voters can’t look at it that way.

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