Chatterboxes of Comedy

You want to laugh at the Obama Media Support?  Read these two Swampland Blogs:

 Karin Tumulty warns them on what Scott Brown said after Obama had lost Massachusetts:

 “What’s in the bill now? What’s the final version of the bill? No one really knows what’s in the bill because every time we turn around, there is a new backroom deal with a carve-out. I’ve read the bills too.”

And let us settle that now for ever and all.  No matter how many excuses, explanations or blaming it on Bush, the central core fact is simple: Obama lost Massachusetts!

 Now look at the other Swampland Blog; very clearly a matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

 Michael Scherer warns:

 “. . . Well not entirely new. But it was notable, in light of the apparent collapse of his major legislative initiative this week. From the top of his Town Hall today, at the Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio. (In his opening statement, he used a variation of the word “fight” 20 times.)”

But the best is kept for last.  An American Blogger confessed a few weeks ago in a UK Telegraph Blog on Sarah Palin’s book that she had not read the book but supplied the following link for her doubts about Miss Sarah.

What you will find there is a lot of sewerage drivel and the headline says it all.  But you maybe got to read the “entire research” to find what the UK Blogger actually believes.  Treat yourselves to this immaculate source of her information.

Sarah Palin openly and candidly confirms that she took five years to get her degree because she worked her way through college and often had to skip a semester to work and earn money for the next semester.  The Chatterbox journalist [if you can call him such] decided to make it six years.

I then submitted a Comment to Chatterbox on Obama’s 2008 Election claim that he was a Professor in Constitutional Law once.

“Maybe your journalist should rather tell where the real man got his qualifications, where he was appointed and when he served as a professor.  Come on, this is a real test for you.  Let’s have all the facts on the table, hey.”

 And the strange thing happened.  Don’t take my word for it. You try and submit a Comment to Chatterbox and see what happens.

 But it is a strange World we live in Master Scott, a very strange World indeed.  Some people will believe any lie that they want to believe because it is easier than the truth, and it consequently proves that the liar will always fool some of the people all the time.

 Perhaps Joe, the Anonymous Bully, and he being a consummate artist in the presentation of the facts as seen by Joe the Kingmaker will intervene at this point and put matters straight.

2 Responses to “Chatterboxes of Comedy”

  1. Alla Lamour Says:

    This is certainly my initial visit and I love what I’m viewing. Your blog page is indeed great to go through, very amusing as well as educational. I will certainly recommend it to my buddies. Nevertheless, I did have some trouble with the commenting. It kept giving me an error whenever I tapped on submit comment. I hope, that can be repaired. Many thanks!

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    You have not really told me why you like the Post but you got your Comment in just fine. Thank you.

    Won’t you go into what I mention above please?

    That is the real funny part of what I am referring to. Read the so-called expert and try submit a comment there. That is funny. Do look at the name of the Blog and Google Chatterbox separately. You will laugh your head off.

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