Joe, the Weaver and Spinner

The Weaver is Spinning.


Posted by Joe Klein Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 1:19 pm

 “I watched David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and bits of Robert Gibbs on the Sunday shows this morning, and it wasn’t pretty. I’m still not sure where the Administration stands on health care reform–all in, partly in, all out…and if partly in, which parts? Obama himself told Stephanopoulos earlier in the week that insurance reform was still possible…but then told the Ohio town meeting on Friday that insurance reform isn’t possible unless you have a mandate because people will choose not to buy health insurance until they need it.

So, confusion. It’s unavoidable at this point–the system is still shuddering from the aftershocks of the Massachusetts election and it’s difficult to sense what sort of legislation is still possible. But it would be nice to hear the Administration acknowledge something like this: We went a bridge too far. When you have to resort to deals like the Cornhusker Kickback, the Lieberman collapse, the union buyoff, you don’t have the broad support that’s necessary to put something like health care reform into law. As Karen has argued, that’s the most important message from Massachusetts. Another message: we like the universal health care we have in Massachusetts, but we don’t want to make any sacrifices–especially when it comes to Medicare.”

 His head is spinning:

 Darn that Karen Tumulty woman.

 “And I had a whole bunch of political advisors telling me this may not be the smartest thing to do.”You’ve got a lot on your plate:  the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression; two wars.  You may not get a lot of cooperation. you’re going to have a lot of pushback from the insurance companies and the drug companies.  It’s complicated.  Don’t do it.”

 Darn China!

 “The Chinese, who have been acting pompous and huffy on the global stage in recent years, are upset that Hillary Clinton has challenged them on internet censorship. Too bad. This is a good fight to have–and a very good moment to show the Chinese that we’re not going to be pushed around.

In the end, the most important point is this: The Chinese own our debt, but they don’t own us. In fact, we have them over a barrel…and we should use our leverage the same way the big banks did, by forcing them to support us. After all, we’re too big to fail.”

Darn those China Students:

 Darn and damn the guy who posted this:

 And last but not least Darn and Damn those Voters in Massachusetts.

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